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Found 8 results

  1. I am trying to use a <select> <option> to display text on a web page. The data comes from a database. This is what I am attempting: When an option is selected and submit button clicked them some text will be displayed. At the moment I do have text on the web page, but none of the selected options change this. I have four pieces of text: Page 1, Page 2 etc. At the moment Page 4 text is displayed. I would like each piece of text to be displayed. This is the php: <?php // Connect to the database $pdo = new PDO("mysql:host=localhost;dbname=###", "###", ""); $sql = "SELECT * FROM testdb ORDER BY id"; try { $stmt = $pdo->prepare($sql); $stmt->execute(); $data = $stmt->fetchAll(); } catch(Exception $ex){ echo ($ex -> getMessage()); } ?> This is the html: <form name="###" method="post" action="#"> <p></p> <select onchange="reload(this.form)"> <option>test one</option> <?php foreach ($data as $output) { ?> <option value=''><?php echo $output['header']; ?></option> <?php } ?> </select> <br> <button type="submit" value="submit">Submit</button> </form> <?php echo $output['pages']; ?> I would appreciate help with this. However, from previous attempts at adding data to a page I used isset() and I think $_POST(), possibly together. If these are the things I need to use, then please could you include their usage within any examples you feel would help. Thank you.
  2. Hi all, I was hoping you could point me in the right direction, I have 2 questions. 1. I want to have an option drop down which uses the array of a returned sql query. I have the following code which uses onchange to submit the selection, how do I use the mysql_fetch_array($result1) to give a list of the two selected columns in the $Site=array() bit. 2. The selected result will be used in more SQL select statements, so once a site from the list is selected the relevant data from other tables will be displayed using e.g. select person from people [some inner join statement] where site="site 1"; Therefore the $_POST value must be available to be passed to other queries once selected. Thanks for any help, I still feel like a noob, but I'm getting there. Gary <?php include 'header.php'; ?> <div class='container'> <?php include 'menu.php'; ?> <?php include 'connect.php'; ?> <?php $sql1="SELECT Sites.Site_ID, Sites.Site_name_1 FROM `Sites`"; $result1=mysql_query($sql1); ?> <?php function get_options() { $site=array('Site 1'=>'Site 1', 'Site 2'=>'Site 2', 'Site 3'=>'Site 3'); $options=''; while(list($k,$v)=each($site)) { $options.='<option value="'.$v.'">'.$k.'</option>'; } return $options; } if(isset($_POST['site'])) { echo $_POST['site']; } ?> <form action="<?php echo $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; ?>" method="POST"> <select name="site" onchange="this.form.submit();"> <?php echo get_options(); ?> </select>
  3. Hi. I have 2 problems which I'm hopeing someone can help me with. 1. For the following script to change the pages language, I would like it so that whichever option selected is set on the page (i.e. if you select Euskal, the select box stays set as Euskal, and not Espanyol as it does at the moment) <form name="Language" action="" method="post" id="Language"> <div class="btn-group"> <?php $uri = strtok($_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"],'?');; $url="http://".$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].$uri; ?> <span class="btn btn-primary"> <select name="lang" onchange="javascript:change_langs(this.form)"> <option value="Esp">Espanyol</option> <option value="Eng">English</option> <option value="Cat">Catalan</option> <option value="Bas">Euskal</option> <option value="Gal">Galego</option> </select> </span> </div></form> 2. I have 2 dropdown lists in the following format: <select class="form-control" name='category'> <option <?php print ((isset($_GET["category"]) && ($_GET["category"]=="A"))?"selected='A'":""); ?> value='A'><?=getlg($lang,"A")?></option> <option <?php print ((isset($_GET["category"]) && ($_GET["category"]=="b"))?"selected='b'":""); ?> value='b'><?=getlg($lang,"b")?></option> <option <?php print ((isset($_GET["category"]) && ($_GET["category"]=="c"))?"selected='c'":""); ?> value='c'><?=getlg($lang,"c")?></option> </select> <select class="form-control" name='category'> <option <?php print ((isset($_GET["category"]) && ($_GET["category"]=="D"))?"selected='D'":""); ?> value='D'><?=getlg($lang,"D")?></option> <option <?php print ((isset($_GET["category"]) && ($_GET["category"]=="e"))?"selected='e'":""); ?> value='e'><?=getlg($lang,"e")?></option> <option <?php print ((isset($_GET["category"]) && ($_GET["category"]=="f"))?"selected='f'":""); ?> value='f'><?=getlg($lang,"f")?></option> </select> However, I require just one dropdown list with catagories A and D as the main item. Catagories b & c should be a sub category of A, and e & f should be a sub category of D Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hi guys, I have a select option list with different values that come from MYSQL. 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc... Basically when I select one, and then change my mind and select another option from the list 2 of the values are stored and parsed to my ajax. I tried different methods such as empty(); inside the optionbox on click but nothing seems to reset it. $(".optionbox").click(function(){ var CASE_ID = $(this).attr('playlistID'); console.log(CASE_ID); $(".invite").click(function(){ $.ajax({ type:'POST', url:'processing/invite-user.php', data:'playlistID=' + CASE_ID, success:function(data) { if(data) { // DO SOMETHING } else { // DO SOMETHING } } }); }); }); Basically all i want is the last selected value to be passed to the invite on click. Any suggestions?
  5. Hi all GURU's, I have a problem with UTF-8 characters when I post values/data from my MySQL database into the OPTIONs that I use when using a SELECT in my FORM. The PHP script files are in format UTF-8. The database, the tables and the columns are all set in UTF-8. The charset in the META-tag for the html output is set to UTF-8. All other text that is fetched from the database shows my characters (Swedish å ä ö) the right and correct way, EXCEPT when I echo the data in the OPTIONs in my SELECT box. What can I do? Sincerely, Andreas
  6. A php freak came into my site and did some testing for me and entered an item without a category, categories are 1 or greater than 1 and he entered a category of 0. I have since placed a query in the code to check the values of the categories entered but I was wondering how he did it, so I ask the question in the title. How did a user bypass the select option?
  7. I have a function that reads from a database and list to a webpage the results. What I want is to have the selected item on a list box show when a PHP variable is found, here is my code I have so far: <?php while ($row = db2_fetch_assoc($stmt)){ $WHMARK = $row['WHMARK']; $WHHOTEL = $row['WHHOTEL']; $WHSTATUS = $row['WHSTATUS']; if ($WHSTATUS == 1) { $Status = "Active"; } else{ $Status = "In-Active"; } echo '<tr>'; echo '<td>'.$WHMARK.'</td>'; echo '<td>'.$WHHOTEL.'</td>'; echo '<td>'.$Status.'</td>'; echo '<td>'; echo '<label>'; echo ' <select name="hotelActive" id="hotelActive">'; echo ' <option value="1"' <?php if($WHSTATUS == 1) ? 'selected="selected">';?>' echo '>Active</option>'; echo ' <option value="0"' <?php if($WHSTATUS == 0) ? 'selected="selected">';?>' echo '>In-Active</option>'; echo ' </select>'; echo '</label>'; echo '</td>'; echo '</tr>'; } ?> I need option value 1 selected if the variable '$Status' is 1 and option value 2 selected if the variable '$Status' is 2. This is PHP embedded in a HTML table.
  8. I am making a website having a "skills" field which is a dropdown menu dropdown menu which fetch's data from database and assign the Id to the option tag dynamically 1) I dont know if the id is assigned or not below is my code:- <select name="sname[]" id="sname" size="1" multiple="multiple" title="hold ctrl and click multiple options" > <?php include 'conn.php'; $que=mysql_query("select * from field"); while($row=mysql_fetch_array($que)) { $id=$row['id']; $field=$row['field']; echo "<option id="$id">".$field."</option>"; } ?> </select> 2)how do I insert multiple values of the option tag into the database into the database?
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