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Found 1 result

  1. hi, guys im actually following a tutorial here and i'm perplexed with this error, where there is no output for one object inside a loop. since the tutorial is procedural code and im doing it in oop i dont know where im going wrong.please help me. the code for the complete article.php is here: <?php include_once '../includes/dbconfig.inc.php'; $status2view=$project->statusView($session_uname, $f_uname); //gives output on var dump #row vars to extract user's update data. for ($i= 0; $i >=0 ; $i++) { $id=array_column($status2view ,'update_id'); //gives output on var_dump if ($id==NULL) { break; }else { continue; } $status_replies_=$project->reply2StatusView($id[$i]); var_dump($status_replies_); //no output on var_dump while ($row = $status_replies_) { echo "<pre>"; var_dump($row); echo "</pre>"; $status_reply_id=$row['update_id']; $reply_author=$row['author']; $reply_d=htmlentities($row['update_body']); $reply_data= stripslashes($reply_d); $reply_t= htmlentities($row['title']); $reply_title= stripslashes($reply_t); $account_name=$row['account_name']; $reply_date=$row['time']; $reply_delete_button=""; if ($reply_author==$session_uname || $account_name==$session_uname) { $reply_delete_button="<li><span id='$status_reply_id' class='delete_reply_btn glyphicon glyphicon-remove'><a href='#' title='Delete this comment'>Remove X</a></span></li>"; } $status_replies="<div id='".$status_reply_id."' class='replyboxes'><div><b>Reply by<a href='search_results.php?u=".$reply_author."'>".$reply_author."</a>".$reply_date ."<legend>" . "<b class='caret'><button type='button' class='btn btn-danger dropdown-toggle pull-right' data-toggle='dropdown' aria-expanded='true' ><span class='glyphicon glyphicon-edit'></span> <ul class='dropdown-menu'>".$reply_delete_button." " . "<li><a href='#' class='hidden_text_area glyphicon glyphicon-pencil' title='Edit this comment' >Edit</a></li>" . "<li><a href='report.php?u='".$reply_author."'>Report</a><li></ul>" . "</button></b></legend><br>".$reply_data."</div></div>"; } } while ($row1 = $status2view) { for ($j = 0; $j >= 0; $j++) { $updateid=$row1[$j]['update_id']; $account_name=$row1[$j]['account_name']; $os_id=$row1['os_id']; $author=$row1['author']; $post_date=$row1['time']; $title= htmlentities($row1['title']); $data= htmlentities($row1['update_body']); if ($row1==NULL) { break; } $status_list='<fieldset><div id="'.$updateid.'" class="statusboxes"><div>' . '<legend><h3 class="pull-left">'.$title.'</h3><span class="pull-right">'.$statusdeletebutton.'</span></legend><br>' . $data.'<br><b>Posted by<small><a href="search_results.php?u='.$author.'">'.$author.'</a>'.$post_date.'</small></b>' . '<br><hr style="2px dashed #080808">'.$status_replies . '</div></div>'.$statusui_edit.'</fieldset>'; here is the code for the method: public function statusView($session_uname,$f_uname) { $sql="select * from updates where account_name=:either and type='a' or account_name=:either and type='c' order by time desc limit 20"; $stmth=$this->_db->prepare($sql); $stmth->bindValue(":either",($session_uname|$f_uname)); $stmth->execute(); return $stmth->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC); } public function reply2StatusView($updateid){ $stmth= $this->_db->prepare("select * from updates where update_id=:statusid and type='b' order by time asc"); $stmth->bindparam(":statusid", $updateid); $stmth->execute(); return $stmth->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC); }
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