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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all, thank you for taking time to browse my thread. I have had some code written for me a while back which fetches either 1 or 2 rows from a database depending on if there are one or two rows based on the date. What it does is simply keep track of lotto results for each of the 2 daily draws along with the booster ball. Now, here's what I'm trying to do. Each row should really have it's own header such as Lunchtime or Teatime based on the draw number fetched from the database. I'm struggling a little. I understand how the code works and that I should have some kind of if/else (I think) in there, but I can't understand where or how to place it. Here is the current code <?php $color_mapping=array('0'=>'BLUE','1'=>'GREEN','2'=>'RED','3'=>'ORANGE','4'=>'YELLOW','5'=>'BROWN','6'=>'VIOLET', '7'=>'BLUE'); for($i = 0; $i < count($rows); $i++) { $res = explode(",", $rows[$i]['result']); $rRows = array(); //echo "<tr><td><p style='float:left;'>".$rows[$i]["draw_nr"].".</p></td>"; for($j = 0; $j < count($res); $j++) echo "<img class='ball' src='http://www.number49s.co.uk/images/fortyninesballs/".$res[$j].".gif'>"; echo "<td><img class='ball booster img-responsive' src='http://www.number49s.co.uk/images/fortyninesballs/".$rows[$i]["booster_ball"].".gif'></td><p style='clear:both;'></p>"; } From what I understand it fetches the results, turns them into an array and pulls each ball separately, from the rows and then appends the booster ball result for the current row. I'm thinking that it should have an if statement around $rRows array which reads if there is only a single row (based on draw number and date) and if it is outputs the code for the single row, then the else statement outputs the code for both. With a different header for each row I know I look like an idiot to you guys (and gals) who know this stuff inside out, but I am trying to learn although sadly this is WAY out of my ability at the moment. Any help as to where to place the if statement and how to get the results based on row number would be very gratefully accepted, but please don't be rude, I know I'm asking a lot, and I also know I know very little compared to the rest of you, but it doesn't give you warrant to be nasty. Thank you in advance to anybody who may be able to help me get this working, it's been driving me nuts for over 3 hours now
  2. Hello - hope you are all well. I am creating a website for a family friend who has a shop. See preview of the site in this picture .... Currently the results are showing in one column. I want to show them in three columns in the format of: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 etc But formatted with the picture and then the title and the border. The current code i have is.... HEAD <?php $sql = "SELECT * FROM abs_productcat WHERE catid = $catid ORDER BY catid ASC"; $can = mysql_query($sql); $catname = mysql_fetch_assoc($can); ?> BODY <?php while ($row_pro = mysql_fetch_assoc($rs_proddetails)) { ?><tr> <td><table width="243" border="0" align="left" cellpadding="15" cellspacing="0" class="sectionborders"> <tr> <td height="120" align="center"><p><strong><a href="indproducts.php?ProductID=<?php echo $row_pro['ProductID']; ?>"><img src="products/product_<?php echo $row_pro['ProductID']; ?>" alt="<?php echo $row_pro['ProductName']; ?>" height="120" class="sectionborders" border="0" /></a></strong></p> <p><strong><a href="indproducts.php?ProductID=<?php echo $row_pro['ProductID']; ?>" class="products"><?php echo $row_pro['ProductName']; ?></a></strong></p></td> </tr> </table></td> </tr> <tr> <td> </td> </tr> <?php } ?> THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!!
  3. I know this should be easy but I cannot find right query to do this online. I simple want a counter of each result of my query. What is the proper way to query this. For example 1 | Result 1 2 | Result 2 3 | Result 3 The one I found online did a weird grouping counter. Thanks
  4. Hello, I know this should be pretty simple to figure out, but everything I try is giving me absolutely no results. I have a mysql query selecting columns from my database and returning results. I have the results printing out right now, so I can see that this part is working. All I want to do is take the results and put them into a table to display on my page. Basically, take what's in the database table and copy it to a table I can put on the web. FYI I am using sourcerer so the "connect" code is taken care of for me in the "JFactory" bit of code. Here is the first part of my code, selecting the information from the database. {source} <?php $db = JFactory::getDbo(); $query = $db -> getQuery(true); $query -> SELECT($db -> quoteName(array('first_dept_name', 'last_name', 'dept', 'position', 'phone_num'))); $query -> FROM ($db -> quoteName('#__custom_contacts')); $query -> ORDER ('first_dept_name DESC'); $query -> WHERE ($db -> quoteName('contact_category')."=".$db -> quote('YTown Employees')); $db -> setQuery($query); $results = $db -> loadObjectList(); print_r($results); Here is where I am trying to print the results into a table. I got this code directly from a PHP book, but I am getting nothing at all returned back to me. I get table headers, but no data. <?php echo "<table><tr><th>Name</th><th>Department</th></tr>"; while ($row = mysqli_fetch_array ($result)){ echo "<tr>"; echo "<td>".$row['last_name']."</td>"; echo "<td>".$row['dept']."</td>"; echo "</tr>"; } echo "</table>"; ?> {/source}
  5. Hi again PhpFreaks, yet again I got a problem regarding coding. I want to build somewhat a score board, which shows the latest results of matches. I've build it so that it shows all the matches on my MySQL. $query = $pdo->prepare("SELECT * FROM results ORDER BY id DESC"); But i would like an option for my readers to choose a specific team, so that only matches of this specific team is shown. How would i be able to implement this feature without having to create a new page and stay on the same? Code of HTML <div class="results"> <table style="width:800px"> <?php foreach ($results as $result) { ?> <tr> <td style="background-color:grey;"><?php echo $result['date'] ?></td> <td ><?php echo $result['team1'] ?></td> <td style="background-color:green;"><?php echo $result['result1'] ?></td> <td><?php echo $result['team2'] ?></td> <td style="background-color:red;"><?php echo $result['result2'] ?></td> <td style="opacity: 0.5;"><?php echo $result['league'] ?></td> </tr> <?php } ?> </table> </div> Examples is more appreciated that explanations, I'm not that familiar with the english terms so makes it alittle harder for me to understand. Thanks alot in advance
  6. Overview: Sort unique string from an array and display results into a variable which can be echoed into jQuery to be displayed as a graph. I using Wordpress with a repeater from custom post fields plugin, code below: $repeater = get_field('treatments'); foreach( $repeater as $key => $row ) { column_id[ $key ] = $row['treatment_name']; } array_multisort( $column_id, SORT_ASC, $repeater ); foreach( $repeater as $row ) { print_r($row); } The print_r returns.. Array ( [treatment_name] => back pain [pain_level] => 4 ) Array ( [treatment_name] => back pain [pain_level] => 5 ) Array ( [treatment_name] => back pain [pain_level] => 7 ) Array ( [treatment_name] => back pain [pain_level] => 10 ) Array ( [treatment_name] => shoulder pain [pain_level] => 3 ) Array ( [treatment_name] => shoulder pain [pain_level] => 8 ) Array ( [treatment_name] => shoulder pain [pain_level] => 10 ) I wish to be able to sort the array data into a variable I can using within JS. { treatment: '1', a: 4, b: 3 }, { treatment: '2', a: 5, b: 8 }, { treatment: '3', a: 7, b: 10 }, { treatment: '4', b: 10 }, A = back pain B = shoulder pain [treatment_name] - is a text field, so I looking for every unique [treatment_name] to added for example having one treatment called 'foot ache' with the pain level of 6 would be added to the start of the list as C. e.g. { treatment: '1', a: 4, b: 3, c: 6 }, { treatment: '2', a: 5, b: 8 }, { treatment: '3', a: 7, b: 10 }, { treatment: '4', b: 10 }, I have gone over and over trying to work the logic out but seems my level of php is not up to par, so I thought no better place to asked then the people who got me this far.. Any questions please do let me know, and anyone will to help your a star..
  7. Hi. I have made a application form for a job, I want the results the user enters into the boxes to come out into my database (evxhotel and the table apps). I get no errors and the website works perfectly fine but when I fill the form and submit the page just reloads and when I go to check my database I see that my results of the form are not in the database. I believe that maybe I put the mysql_connect and the mysql_select_db on the wrong lines. BTW, this is only the php script embedded into a html document. The file format and name is form.php. All the tags are correct. <?php $connect = mysql_connect("****", "****", "****") or die(mysql_error()); if(isset($_POST['submit'])){ $username = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['Username']); $email = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['Email']); $firstname = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['First']); $lastname = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['Last']); $day = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['Day']); $month = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['Month']); $year = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['Year']); $time = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['Time']); $position = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['Position']); $why = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['Why']); $what = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['What']); $exp = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['Exp']); $hours = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['Hours']); $comments = mysql_real_escape_string($_POST['Comments']); mysql_select_db($connect, "evxhotel") or die(mysql_error()); $sql = mysql_query ("INSERT INTO apps (username, email, realname, dob, time, position, why, what, exp, hours, comments) VALUES ('".$username."', '".$email."', '".$firstname/$lastname."', '".$day/$month/$year."', '".$time."', '".$position."', '".$why."', '".$what."', '".$exp."', '".$hours.", '".$comments."')", $connect); if($sql) { echo "Your applicaton has been added to the database."; } else { die(mysql_error()); } } ?> Whats wrong? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, i'm writing a webservice for my application. i can't print and save result of webservice. my php code: <?php .... $client = new SoapClient("http://addresst/code.asmx?wsdl"); $params = array( 'Username'=>$username, 'PassWord'=>$password, 'numberOfMessages'=>$numberOfMessages, 'destNumber'=>$destNumber, 'ErrNum'=>$ErrNum, ); $result = $client->GetAllMessages( $params ); if (is_soap_fault($result)) { echo '<h2>Fault:</h2><pre>'; print_r($result); echo '</pre>'; } else { print_r($result); //testing output echo "<hr/>"; $res = $result->GetAllMessagesResult;//testing output print_r($res); //end get messages } ?> xml schema: <s:element name="GetAllMessages"><s:complexType><s:sequence><s:element minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1" name="Username" type="s:string"/><s:element minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1" name="PassWord" type="s:string"/><s:element minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1" name="numberOfMessages" type="s:int"/><s:element minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1" name="destNumber" type="s:string"/><s:element minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1" name="ErrNum" type="s:int"/></s:sequence></s:complexType></s:element><s:element name="GetAllMessagesResponse"><s:complexType><s:sequence><s:element minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1" name="GetAllMessagesResult" type="tns:ArrayOfArrayOfString"/><s:element minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1" name="ErrNum" type="s:int"/></s:sequence></s:complexType></s:element><s:complexType name="ArrayOfArrayOfString"><s:sequence><s:element minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded" name="ArrayOfString" nillable="true" type="tns:ArrayOfString"/></s:sequence></s:complexType> what's wrong? please post your code based on XML schema i posted here! Regards Mansour
  9. Hello guys I came acrross with some information to display my database results given latitude and longitude values and sort it by distance so far it works good but I was wondering how could i echo the actual distance between starting point and my results? my database is pretty straight forward: id, username, lat (latitude), lng (longitude) and a couple more things that will not be used right now.... the sql request code: $find = mysql_query("SELECT username, lat, lng, SQRT( POW(69.1 * (lat - '".$latitude."'), 2) + POW(69.1 * ('".$longitude."' - lng) * COS(lat / 57.3), 2)) AS distance FROM users WHERE username != '".$usern."' HAVING distance >= 0 ORDER BY distance ASC"); while($row = mysql_fetch_array($find)) { echo "<br />".$row['username']; } $latitude and $longitude is the current logged in member's location information so, I would like to know how to echo the actual distance in miles??? so i could do something like : echo $username."" is ".$distance." mile(s) from you..."; Thanks in advance!
  10. Can anyone see why my results would return more than 20 rows? $query = "SELECT * FROM mailer "; $limit = "ORDER BY id LIMIT 20 "; $result = mysql_query($query.$limit); if (!$result) { $message = 'Invalid query: ' . mysql_error() . "\n"; $message .= 'Whole query: ' . $query; die($message); } $address = 0; while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) { $id=$row["id"]; $email=$row["email"]; $companyID=$row["companyID"]; }
  11. I have a simple function public function showtrips($id,$table){ $sql="SELECT * FROM $table WHERE id = :id ORDER BY id DESC"; if(!$stmt = $this->conn->prepare($sql)){ // prepare failed echo "<pre>Prepare failed:\n"; print_r($pdo->errorInfo()); echo "</pre>"; } else { if(!$stmt->execute(array(':id'=>$id))){ // execute failed echo "<pre>Execute failed:\n"; print_r($stmt->errorInfo()); echo "</pre>"; } else { while($r = $stmt->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC)){ $data[]=$r; } return $data; } } } and a for loop that calls this function foreach($obj->showtrips($id,"trips") as $value){ extract($value); echo <<<show <tr class="success"> <td>$departTime</td> <td>$departPlace</td> <td>$arriveTime</td> <td>$arrivePlace</td> <td>$numberOfPass</td> <td>$purpose</td> <td>$cargo</td> <td>$remarks</td> </tr> show; } In my foreach loop how can I first test if the return variable $data has any data in it?
  12. Hello, I'm trying to display the results of my query in a text box so that they can be edited, if need be, and updated in the database. I'm getting the error below, with the code below. I've tried a couple of different ways to format the "value" of the text box as you can see by the second one that's commented out and still a no go. Thanks for any help in advance guys. The error below is referring to the code just below here. echo "<td><input type="text" name="firstname" value="$firstname"></td>"; Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ',' or ';' in C:\ $rs=odbc_exec($conn,$sql); if (!$rs) {exit("Error in SQL");} echo "<table><tr>"; echo "<th>First Name</th>"; echo "<th>Middle Initial</th>"; echo "<th>Last Name</th>"; echo "<th>Full Name</th>"; echo "<th>Provider ID</th></tr>"; while (odbc_fetch_row($rs)) { $firstname=odbc_result($rs,"provider_first_name"); $middleinitial=odbc_result($rs,"provider_middle_name"); $lastname=odbc_result($rs,"provider_last_name"); $fullname=odbc_result($rs,"provider_full_name"); $provider_id=odbc_result($rs,"provider_id"); echo "<tr><td>$firstname</td>"; echo "<td><input type="text" name="firstname" value="$firstname"></td>"; echo "<td>$middleinitial</td>"; echo "<td>$lastname</td>"; echo "<td>$fullname</td>"; echo "<td>$provider_id</td>"; // echo "<td><input type="text" name="textfield" value='".$providerid."'"></td>"; echo "<td>$providerid</td></tr>"; } odbc_close($conn);
  13. What it is doing: Right now it is taking the last known team members ($allteammembers) on all the rest of the results that do not have any team members. - So it should show nothing. What I want it to do: To show nothing for $allteammembers when there is no data found. - Like the way I think I have it coded. The Full Code Going Through Database: if ($stmt = $mysqli->prepare("SELECT title, caption, category, image, placement, teammember1, teammember2, teammember3, otherpeople, downloads, views FROM photogallery WHERE year = ? AND timeofday = ? AND status = 1 ORDER BY category, placement")) { $stmt->bind_param('is', $year, $timeofday); $stmt->execute(); $stmt->store_result(); $stmt->bind_result($title, $caption, $category, $image, $placement, $teammember1, $teammember2, $teammember3, $otherpeople, $downloads, $views); while($stmt->fetch()) { if ((!empty($placement))) { $stmt2 = $mysqli->prepare("SELECT boat, teammember1, teammember2, teammember3, channel, flathead, blue, total, bigfish, totalweight FROM tourneyresults WHERE year = ? AND timeofday = ? AND placement = ?"); $stmt2->bind_param('isi', $year, $timeofday, $placement); $stmt2->execute(); $stmt2->store_result(); $stmt2->bind_result($boat, $member1, $member2, $member3, $channels, $flatheads, $blue, $total, $bigfish, $weight); $stmt2->fetch(); $stmt2->close(); $link1 = addplus($member1); $link2 = addplus($member2); $link3 = addplus($member3); if ((!empty($member1)) && (!empty($link1))) {$member1 = "<a href='$mainurl/fisher/$link1'>$member1</a>";} if ((!empty($member2)) && (!empty($link2))) {$member2 = "and <a href='$mainurl/fisher/$link2'>$member2</a>";} if ((!empty($member3)) && (!empty($link3))) {$member3 = "and <a href='$mainurl/fisher/$link3'>$member3</a>";} if ($boat) {$boat2 = "~ Boat #$boat";} else {$boat2 = "";} if ($channels) {$channels2 = "$channels Channel(s)";} else {$channels2 = "";} if ($flatheads) {$flatheads2 = " | $flatheads Flathead(s)";} else {$flatheads2 = "";} if ($blue) {$blue2 = " | $blue Blue(s)";} else {$blue2 = "";} if ((!empty($member1)) && (!empty($link1))) {$allteammembers = "<b>Team Members: </b>$member1 $member2 $member3 $boat2<br><span style=\"padding-left: 20px\">Caught: $channels2$flatheads2$blue2</span><br><br>";} else {$allteammembers = "";} } $link5 = addplus($teammember1); $link6 = addplus($teammember2); $link7 = addplus($teammember3); if ((!empty($teammember1)) && (!empty($link5))) {$teammember1 = "<a href='$mainurl/fisher/$link5'>$teammember1</a>";} if (!empty($teammember2) && !empty($link6)) {$teammember2 = "and <a href='$mainurl/fisher/$link6'>$teammember2</a>";} if (!empty($teammember3) && !empty($link7)) {$teammember3 = "and <a href='$mainurl/fisher/$link7'>$teammember3</a>";} if ((!empty($teammember1)) && (!empty($link5))) {$teammemberspictured = "<b>Team Members Pictured: </b>$teammember1 $teammember2 $teammember3<br>";} else {$teammemberspictured = "";} if ((!empty($otherpeople)) && (((!empty($teammember1)) && (!empty($link5))) || ((!empty($member1)) && (!empty($link1))))) {$otherpeople2 = "<b>Other People in This Photo:</b> $otherpeople<br>";} if (!empty($otherpeople) && ((empty($teammember1)) && (empty($link5))) && ((empty($member1)) && (empty($link1)))) {$otherpeople2 = "<b>People in This Photo:</b> $otherpeople<br>";} if (($category == "0") || (empty($category))) {$category2 = "No Category";} if (($category == "1")) {$category2 = "First Place Winner";} if (($category == "2")) {$category2 = "2nd-5th Place Winners";} if (($category == "3")) {$category2 = "6th-12th Place Winners";} if (($category == "4")) {$category2 = "13th-20th Place Winners";} if (($category == "5")) {$category2 = "13th-24th Place Winners";} if (($category == "6")) {$category2 = "Big Fish Winners";} if (($category == "7")) {$category2 = "Take Off";} if (($category == "8")) {$category2 = "Weigh In";} if (($category == "9")) {$category2 = "Scoreboard";} if (($category == "10")) {$category2 = "Prizes from Drawing";} if (($category == "11")) {$category2 = "Kids Prizes and Face Painting";} if (($category == "12")) {$category2 = "Morning Meeting";} if (($category == "13")) {$category2 = "Sign Up";} if (($category == "14")) {$category2 = "Spectators";} if (($category == "15")) {$category2 = "Misc.";} if (($category == "16")) {$category2 = "Extra Photos";} if ($timeofday == "night") {$subfolder = "NightTourney";} else {$subfolder = "year";} ECHO<<<END <div class="gallery" id="container"> <div id="left"> <img src="$mainurl/images/$subfolder/$year/$image"> </div> <div id="bottom"> $category2 | <a href="$mainurl/images/year/$year/$image" class='links'>Download Image</a> | $downloads downloads | $views views | Report Error | Add A Comment </div> <div id="right"> <h3>$title</h3> $allteammembers $teammemberspictured $otherpeople2 <p>$caption</p> </div> </div> END; } $stmt->close(); } Snippet Not Working Correctly: if ((!empty($member1)) && (!empty($link1))) {$allteammembers = "<b>Team Members: </b>$member1 $member2 $member3 $boat2<br><span style=\"padding-left: 20px\">Caught: $channels2$flatheads2$blue2</span><br><br>";} else {$allteammembers = "";} I would like to know how to fix it and why it is doing it exactly? All my ideas failed. :/
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