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Found 11 results

  1. helloI have 2 php files . one on my pc and one on my host . which is on the host gets an input and check it and after that returns a string . I want to send that input from my php that's on my pc to another one and give the returned string and use it (without any changes in screen . for example opening firefox) how can i do it . thanks a lot
  2. i have proof, hold on. In PHP there are two basic ways to get output: echo and print. meant there was more ways but they werent basic.
  3. There is a function (that cannot be changed) which has an include: <?php function a() { include 'file.php'; echo 'work'; } ?> ==file.php== <?php echo 'play'; ## Need to leave a() now! ?> The included file can be changed. I would like a way for file.php to cause PHP to return out of the function a(). A return; statement in file.php has PHP pick up execution with the statement following include. What is there in PHP that will allow returning out of a() at some point in file.php?
  4. This is the function I am currently working with... /** * Retrieve search query text * * @return string */ public function getQueryText() { if (!isset($this->_queryText)) { $this->_queryText = $this->_getRequest()->getParam($this->getQueryParamName()); $noescape = preg_replace("/%u([0-9a-f]{3,4})/i","\\1;",urldecode($this->_queryText)); if ($this->_queryText === null) { $this->_queryText = ''; } else { /* @var $stringHelper Mage_Core_Helper_String */ $stringHelper = Mage::helper('core/string'); $this->_queryText = is_array($this->_queryText) ? '' : $stringHelper->cleanString(trim($this->_queryText)); echo '<span style="display: none;">'; echo '<pre>'; var_dump ( $noescape ); echo '</pre>'; echo '</span>'; $maxQueryLength = $this->getMaxQueryLength(); if ($maxQueryLength !== '' && $stringHelper->strlen($this->_queryText) > $maxQueryLength) { $this->_queryText = $stringHelper->substr($this->_queryText, 0, $maxQueryLength); $this->_isMaxLength = true; } } } return $this->_queryText; } I can echo what I need to output in this function with $noescape however I need to modify return $this->_queryText; to include the preg_replace and rawurldecode from $noescape. Please could someone be kind enough to advise of the correct syntax/way of handling this? I did post this on StackOverflow but had no response as of yet. Thanks in advance.
  5. My question is about this line: return (mysql_result($total, 0) == '1') ? true : false; What does ", 0)" stand for ?
  6. I have a dropdown menu created from javascript, so the onchange event should call a function called updateForBodyfittingoptions(). The thing here is that this function updateForBodyfittingoptions() should actually run dependent on a loop that is part of another function called UpdateDivision. So if I were to put the function UpdateBodyfitting directly within the loop of the other function updateSelectClothByDiv(division) then I get "Object Expected". Remember the onchange calls the UpdateBodyfitting function. Here is the code which I've shortened for purposes of posting on here, I've also attached the main php file with all the code just in case anyone wants to reference it. , the main function is "generateUpdateSelectClothByDiv", within this function are "updateForBodyfittingoptions" and "updateSelectClothByDiv(division)". Really appreciate any help I can get, thanks in advance. function generateUpdateSelectClothByDiv() { global $connect,$hriconnect,$division_array,$cloth_array,$lining_array,$lining_sleeve_array,$bodyfitting_array,$pantstyle_array,$veststyle_array,$glob_div; $indexdiv=1; $indexbody=1; //global $field1_array,$field2_array,$field4_array,$extras_array,$field5_array; // echo "\t\tdocument.pickDivision.bodyfitting.selectedIndex=-1;\n"; $cloth_numrows = 0; $clothArray = array(); $div_query = "SELECT distinct DIVISION, CLOTHDB FROM MTM_DIVISIONS_S ORDER BY CLOTHDB"; $div_result = oci_parse($connect,$div_query); oci_execute($div_result); while ($div_row = oci_fetch_array($div_result, OCI_ASSOC)) { $divArray[] = "{$div_row['CLOTHDB']}"; $divDivArray[] = "{$div_row['DIVISION']}"; } oci_free_statement($div_result); // print("//TEST\n\n"); echo "\tfunction updateSelectClothByDiv(division)\n"; echo "\t{\n"; $first = 0; echo "\tClearOptionsFastAlt('cloth');\n"; echo "\t\tdocument.pickDivision.textInput.value='';\n"; echo "var divcomp = division.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g, '');"; //echo "alert(divcomp)"; for ($i = 0; $i < sizeof($divArray); $i++) { $cloth_query="SELECT CLOTH, CODE FROM ".$divArray[$i]." where CODE <>'OUT' or CODE is null ORDER BY cloth"; $cloth_result = oci_parse($connect,$cloth_query); oci_execute($cloth_result); $cloth_numrows = count_rows($connect,$cloth_query); $maxclothrows=$cloth_numrows+1; $bodyfitting_query="SELECT BODYFITTING, BFCODE FROM MTM_STYLES_S WHERE DIVISION= '".$divDivArray[$i]."' AND STYLE_TYPE='BODY' GROUP BY BODYFITTING, BFCODE ORDER BY BODYFITTING"; $bodyfitting_result = oci_parse($connect,$bodyfitting_query); oci_execute($bodyfitting_result); $bodyfitting_numrows = count_rows($connect,$bodyfitting_query); $maxclothrows=$bodyfitting_numrows+1; if($first == 0) { $first++; } else { echo "\telse\t"; } //echo "\talert('$divArray[$i]' +' '+ '$divDivArray[$i]'+' :aaa:' + divcomp);"; echo "\tif (divcomp == \"{$divDivArray[$i]}\") {"; $y=1; echo "var selectObj = document.pickDivision.cloth;\n"; echo "var numShown = selectObj.options.length;\n"; echo "selectObj.selectedIndex = -1;\n"; echo "\t\t\tselectObj.options[numShown] = new Option('- Select Cloth -', '');\n"; echo "\t\t\tnumShown++;\n"; while ($cloth_row = oci_fetch_array($cloth_result, OCI_ASSOC)) { $newCloth=$cloth_row['CODE']; $newStyle=$cloth_row['CLOTH']; echo "\t\t\tselectObj.options[numShown] = new Option('".$newStyle.' '.$newCloth."', '".$newStyle."');\n"; echo "\t\t\tnumShown++;\n"; $y++; } echo "\t\t\tdocument.pickDivision.cloth.options[0].selected = true;\n\n"; echo "\tClearOptionsFastAlt('lining');\n"; echo "\t\tdocument.pickDivision.textInput.value='';\n"; echo "var divcomp = division.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g, '');"; echo "var selectObj = document.pickDivision.lining;\n"; echo "var numShown = selectObj.options.length;\n"; echo "selectObj.selectedIndex = -1;\n"; echo "\t\t\tselectObj.options[numShown] = new Option('- Select Lining -', '');\n"; echo "\t\t\tnumShown++;\n"; while ($lining_row = oci_fetch_array($lining_result, OCI_ASSOC)) { $newLining=$lining_row['CLOTH']; echo "\t\t\tselectObj.options[numShown] = new Option('".$newLining."' ,'".$newLining."');\n"; echo "\t\t\tnumShown++;\n"; $y++; } echo "\t\t\tdocument.pickDivision.lining.options[0].selected = true;\n\n"; //Setup new dropdown for Style Selection echo "\tClearOptionsFastAlt('bodyfitting');\n"; echo "\t\tdocument.pickDivision.textInput.value='';\n"; echo "var divcomp = division.replace(/^\s+|\s+$/g, '');"; echo "var selectObj = document.pickDivision.bodyfitting;\n"; echo "var numShown = selectObj.options.length;\n"; echo "selectObj.selectedIndex = -1;\n"; echo "\t\t\tselectObj.options[numShown] = new Option('- Select Style -', '');\n"; echo "\t\t\tnumShown++;\n"; while ($bodyfitting_row = oci_fetch_array($bodyfitting_result, OCI_ASSOC)) { $newBodyfitting=$bodyfitting_row['BODYFITTING']; $newBfcode=$bodyfitting_row['BFCODE']; $bodyfitArray[] = "{$bodyfitting_row['BFCODE']}"; $bodyfitbodyarray[]="{$bodyfitting_row['BODYFITTING']}"; echo "\t\t\tselectObj.options[numShown] = new Option('".$newBfcode.' '.$newBodyfitting."', '".$newBfcode."');\n"; echo "\t\t\tnumShown++;\n"; $y++; echo "\tfunction updateForBodyfittingoptions()\n"; echo "\t{\n"; echo "\t\tif(document.pickDivision.bodyfitting.options.value == '{$bodyfitting_row['BFCODE']} {$bodyfitting_row['BODYFITTING']}')\n"; echo "\t\t{\n"; //Show selection for front $field1_query = "SELECT MTM_STYLES_S.CODE,MTM_SUFFEX_S.TEXT FROM MTM_STYLES_S,MTM_SUFFEX_S WHERE MTM_SUFFEX_S.DIVISION='".$divDivArray[$i]."' AND (MTM_STYLES_S.FIELD=MTM_SUFFEX_S.FIELD AND MTM_STYLES_S.CODE=MTM_SUFFEX_S.CODE) AND MTM_STYLES_S.STYLE_TYPE='BODY' AND MTM_STYLES_S.BODYFITTING='".$bodyfitting_row['BODYFITTING']."' AND MTM_STYLES_S.FIELD=1 ORDER BY MTM_STYLES_S.FIELD,MTM_STYLES_S.CODE"; $field1_result = oci_parse($connect,$field1_query); oci_execute($field1_result); echo "\t\t\tdocument.pickDivision.field1.options[0].value = '';\n"; echo "\t\t\tdocument.pickDivision.field1.options[0].text = '- Select Frontaaa';\n\n"; $y=1; while ($field1_row = oci_fetch_array($field1_result, OCI_ASSOC)) { $newField1=$field1_row['TEXT']; $newField1Code=$field1_row['CODE']; $bodyfitArray[] = "{$bodyfitting_row['BFCODE']}"; $bodyfitbodyarray[]="{$bodyfitting_row['BODYFITTING']}"; echo "\t\t\tselectObj.options[numShown] = new Option('".$newField1Code.' '.$newField1."', '".$newField1Code."');\n"; echo "\t\t\tnumShown++;\n"; $y++; } echo "\t\t\tdocument.pickDivision.field1.options[0].selected=true;\n\n"; $indexfield1=1; oci_free_statement($field1_result); echo "\t\t}\n\n"; echo "\t\t}\n\n"; } echo "\t\t\tdocument.pickDivision.bodyfitting.options[0].selected=true;\n\n"; echo "\t}\n\n"; oci_free_statement($bodyfitting_result); $indexbody=1; oci_free_statement($cloth_result); } $indexdiv++; echo "\t\treturn true;\n"; echo "\t}\n\n"; oci_close($connect); } mtm.php
  7. So I'm stuck on an issue while parsing a forum, I want to ignore the quotes and only read the message from the posted user. So .. Imagine I have this HTML loaded. <div class="main"> <div class="quote"> Some stuff written here .. </div> More written here and a <b>bold word</b> or two. </div>So, what I want to return is: More written here and a bold word or two.Which is returned when I evaluate the path, but it also returns what's in the quote and I ain't sure how to ignore that. Using /text() will ignore the bolded words in this example. Thanks for any help.
  8. I have been always questioning myself which should i use return or echo inside a fuction can somone clear this up for me . Thanks in advance. Audittxl
  9. I have a simple function public function showtrips($id,$table){ $sql="SELECT * FROM $table WHERE id = :id ORDER BY id DESC"; if(!$stmt = $this->conn->prepare($sql)){ // prepare failed echo "<pre>Prepare failed:\n"; print_r($pdo->errorInfo()); echo "</pre>"; } else { if(!$stmt->execute(array(':id'=>$id))){ // execute failed echo "<pre>Execute failed:\n"; print_r($stmt->errorInfo()); echo "</pre>"; } else { while($r = $stmt->fetch(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC)){ $data[]=$r; } return $data; } } } and a for loop that calls this function foreach($obj->showtrips($id,"trips") as $value){ extract($value); echo <<<show <tr class="success"> <td>$departTime</td> <td>$departPlace</td> <td>$arriveTime</td> <td>$arrivePlace</td> <td>$numberOfPass</td> <td>$purpose</td> <td>$cargo</td> <td>$remarks</td> </tr> show; } In my foreach loop how can I first test if the return variable $data has any data in it?
  10. Hi, im still in the early learning stages, banging my head against walls looking for clues. Iv been reading the manual to no avail. im building a user log in system based on the phpAcadamy tutorial 'Register & Login'. They use mysql_connect in the tutorial, but I am using a PDO connection to mysql. 1) the function user_id_from_username should return the `user_id` entry for the posted $username. mine does not, im confused about how to simply return the entry, and i just need a little bit of guidance and explanation. 2) the login function works, BUT i need it to return $user_id if TRUE, so that i can set the session. here is my code: function user_id_from_username(PDO $db, $username) { $stmt = $db->prepare('SELECT `user_id` FROM `users` WHERE `username` = 1'); $stmt->bindParam(1, $username); $stmt->execute(); return ($stmt->fetchColumn()); } //??? I NEED THIS FUNCTION TO RETURN THE `user_id` ENTRY FOR $username function login(PDO $db, $username, $password) { $user_id = user_id_from_username($db, $username); $password = md5($password); $stmt = $db->prepare('SELECT COUNT(`user_id`) FROM `users` WHERE `username` = ? AND `password` = ?'); $stmt->bindParam(1, $username); $stmt->bindParam(2, $password); $stmt->execute(); return (bool) $stmt->fetchColumn(); } //??? I NEED THIS FUNCTION TO RETURN $user_id IF TRUE (to set session) //---------------------login.php----------------------- if (empty($_POST) === false) { $username = $_POST['username']; $password = $_POST['password']; if (empty($username) === true || empty($password) === true) { $errors[] = 'You need to enter a username and password.'; } else if (user_exists($db, $username) === false) { $errors[] = 'We can\'t find that username. Have you registered?'; } else if (user_active($db, $username) === false) { $errors[] = 'You haven\'t activated your account!'; } else { $login = login($db, $username, $password); if ($login === false) { $errors[] = 'That username/password combination is incorrect.'; } else { die($login); } } print_r($errors); } So, according to this login script, after a successful login (good username and password, and active account) it should output the $user_id integer: "die($login)". It prints the error array correctly, it logs in ok, except for this next step. Thanks in advance!
  11. I have created a user defined function to return a string value function getModel($part) { $root = substr($part,0,4); $query = "SELECT Root, Model FROM tbl_Root WHERE Root = '$root'"; $result = mysql_query($query) or die ("Query Root failed: " . mysql_error()); while ($rec = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_ASSOC)) { if (in_array($root, $rec)): $Model = $rec['Model']; else: $Model = 'UNKNOWN'; endif; } return $Model; } When trying to find the attributes of several hundred part numbers, I pass them to a MySQL temp table that would then select the distinct part numbers and loop them through my functions. $query = "SELECT DISTINCT A FROM TempAttributes"; $result = mysql_query($query) or die ("Query failed: " . mysql_error()); while ($rec = mysql_fetch_array($result, MYSQL_ASSOC)) { $part = mysql_escape_string($rec['A']); $Model = getModel($part); $query = "REPLACE INTO tbl_Attributes (Part, Model) VALUES ('$part', '$Model')"; $endresult = mysql_query($query) or die ("Query Load failed: " . mysql_error()); } The line of code that stops the execution of my loop is $Model = getModel($part); I executed the loop with this line of code in and it stops after the first part number. When I comment this line of code out, my loop processes all of my part numbers, but of course not with the return values I am looking for. Why does my user defined function not process through the while loop to assign the $Model variable the return value of the getModel function? Please help!
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