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Found 2 results

  1. I downloaded a free template from a website and I want to customize it in PHP but I don't know how. Here is a link to the files: http://deadshotcolada.net/megacorporate.zip I need someone to do this for me please. - I want to add a member's login on the left hand side of the page in the sidebar in the place of the sidebar menu (I want the menu moved down). I want it to show member links when logged in already (in the same format as the sidebar menu). - I want to swap the "Wise Words" section of the sidebar for an advertisement. (I will provide the advertisement so I just need a place for the html) - I want Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+ icons to the right of the menu items at the top that highlight the same way. (They will link to my pages) - I want to be able to make the form on the 'contact' page work and be able to customize it. - I want the buttons on the home page (the 1, 2, 3, page switching buttons) to be working and make it load more content on that same page. - I want the 'blog' section working so that members can leave replies if they have permission. - I want the 'image gallery' at the bottom of each page to show a random image from a list accompanied by a link that I provide for each image. (I also want to provide the images of course.) - I want an advertisement control page in an admin panel (mydomain.com/admin - allow me to change the path) that allows me to enter code for different ad dimensions and then insert each ad easier on each page. -I want member control from the admin panel. -I want template color control from the admin panel. -I want to be able to edit each and every page's content from the admin panel. -I want to be able to create new pages, upload images and files, and manage every aspect of a page from the admin panel. -I want members to have an area where they can upload files which I can download from the admin panel. -I want members to be able to pay a fee (via PayPal) to download a file. (I set the fee amount when uploading the file). -I want to be able to add a file download button to any page of the site that allows me to specify which file they download. (The file location cannot be revealed by looking at code). -I want to be able to make pages accessible by members only from the admin panel. -I want to be able to IP ban people. I also want to be able to block email addresses. -I want to be able to make it so that in order to download a file that does not have a fee, people must post about it on Facebook or Twitter and watch an advertisement first. (I set the time that they have to watch it for - from the admin panel) -I want to be able to have a mailing list that saves an email address when connecting to Facebook or Twitter and has member's email addresses saved in it. (No duplicates) (I must be able to view the list and send a mass email out from the admin panel). -All pages must load fast. I want images to be compressed when uploaded from the admin panel to reduce filesize but maintain image quality. (Image formats must stay the same as uploaded, just losslessly compressed.) -I want to be able to embed a YouTube video onto a page from the admin panel. (I supply the link. Dimensions are auto-fit unless specified.) -I want to be able to have individual favicons for each page, or the default if I don't upload one. -I want members to be able to upload a profile photo and add information about themselves. I want each member to have their own profile page. -I want misspelled words to be highlighted as in Microsoft Word. -I want a profanity filter (I set the words to filter) on all member content unless I turn it off from the admin panel. -I want to be able to manually add or edit member info and create new members as well as delete them. -I want to be able to track member usage. (Last login, last IP used, all IP's used, times logged in, members currently online, new members (today, this week, this month, this year), etc.) I also want to be able to track total website visits by the hour, day, week, month, year. -I want visitors to be able to share any page on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc by clicking a button. I believe that is all that I want done to this template. There is no rush on the time it needs to be done by, I just want it as soon as possible. I can pay for this to be done but I am limited on the amount. If everything I listed is added, I can pay around $100 USD for this given I see a demo first to make sure that it is the way I like it. Please contact me via email at support@devonmiller.net to discuss anything regarding this project. I can't have any bugs as I will be uploading this to a domain that gets hundreds of hits per day. This will be replacing my current template which can be seen at http://www.deadshotcolada.net/. Thanks!
  2. I am having an issue. I have a code that works fine, but I want to remove a link within a script to another page and bundle it within the main page script so it doesn't have to go to another page. Basicly I want it to post to itself and delete a line out of mysq limit 1. Currently the script looks up the items from the sql database and posts the count of them and next to it has a link with a add 1 or remove 1. that goes to another script that works fine, just want to add it to the one bellow. I know how to do it with a form & script, but since the link/image is already in a script, I am not sure what to do. Index.php: <?php include 'connect.php'; $query="SELECT * FROM inventory WHERE `Device` = 'item1' "; $result=mysql_query($query); $num=mysql_numrows($result); if ($num> 0){ $id=mysql_result($result,$i,"Id"); $name=mysql_result($result,$i,"Name"); $discription=mysql_result($result,$i,"Discription"); $cost=mysql_result($result,$i,"Cost"); $retail=mysql_result($result,$i,"Retail"); $amount=mysql_result($result,$i,"Amount"); $device=mysql_result($result,$i,"Device"); print "<tr>"; print "<td bgcolor='#00ff00'>$num</td>"; print "<td>item 1 name</td>"; print "<td>item 1 discription</td>"; print "<td><a href='addcount.php'><img src='addcount.png'></a></td>"; print "<td><a href='deletecount.php'><img src='RenderedImage.png'></a></td>"; print "</tr>"; }else{ print "<tr>"; print "<td bgcolor='#FF0033'>0</td>"; print "<td>item 1 name</td>"; print "<td>item 1 discription</td>"; print "<td><a href='addcount.php'><img src='addcount.png'></a></td>"; print "<td>Nothing to Delete</td>"; print "</tr>"; } ?> addcount.php: <?php if (isset($_POST['submitadd'])) { $addnew = trim(stripslashes($_POST['addnew'])); include 'connect.php'; $query="SELECT `id`,`device` FROM `inventory`"; $result=mysql_query($query); $num=mysql_numrows($result); $sql = "INSERT INTO inventory VALUES('','','','','','','$addnew')"; $result = mysql_query($sql); if (!$result) { die('Invalid query: '.mysql_error()); } print "$addnew added successfully.<br />"; } ?> <form method="POST" action="<?=$PHP_SELF;?>"> ADD New:<br /> Enter Device ID: <input type="text" name="addnew"> <input type="submit" name="su'submitadd'value="SUBMIT"/> </form> These work fine separatly, but I was really wanting to combine them into 1 script, but the link to add/delete needs to be where it currently is in index.php or it will screw up the tables. Thanks for any advice
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