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Found 3 results

  1. Hey Guys, Anyone try Atom.IO yet? It is a new text editor that GitHub just put out. It is currently in beta. Although it is a lot like Sublime, I like the way it looks better as well as its command functions. It has a web based core as well, which means you can style and customize it with LESS and Node, so that is kinda cool. Just trying to see what other people thing about it. I like it better than Sublime right now, but support is limited and it is kind of buggy. Plus, it is missing basic functionality, such as when you split the panels, you can't resize the panels unless you use LESS. You can split the panels horizontal and vertically which is kind of cool. If anyone wants a beta key let me know. They gave me three I think.
  2. Hello guys, I've recently came across different points of view concerning IDEs: there are people who find that they are bad or at least unnecessary, and there are people who find that they are good or even indispensable. The only two arguments I found favorable to IDEs say that IDEs help people code faster and, in some cases, they are indispensable tools because you can't properly program without it in some languages, like Java. But then I found some people arguing that if a language needs an IDE to be used this is a sign that this language is a bad programming language in the first place. According to these people, a good programming language shouldn't require an IDE to be used efficiently. People complain that IDEs are bloatwares, resource consuming, and they get worse in every release. When working with projects, IDEs tend to add a bunch of useless information, hidden files and metadata. IDEs has their own work flow and particular ways of doing things, there is no space for creativity and over time you become passively tied to what these softwares offer you. I found a lot of people saying that they prefer to stick with lightweight and versatile text editors, like VIM, EMACS, Sublime etc, and the basic tool chain, so they know exactly what they are doing, they have more control over what's happening and there is more flexibility the way things can be done. VIM and EMACS are not considered IDEs in a pejorative way, although they can have IDE features, because they don't have the bad qualities of monolithic bloatwares like Eclipse and Visual Studio, and they don't force you to develop bad habits, hence they are primarily considered lightweight text editors. Here are some articles I've been reading recently: http://java.dzone.com/articles/ide-bad-programming-language http://michaelochurch.wordpress.com/2013/01/09/ide-culture-vs-unix-philosophy/ http://blog.sanctum.geek.nz/series/unix-as-ide/ What's your opinion about that? What do you thing about the use of IDEs?
  3. I badly need help... I am making a basic text editor of my own. I have an Iframe where users can type their code in it. Below the Iframe, there is a div which is hidden. This div normally will capture what is written in the IFrame, in other words, every HTML and CSS codes the user will type in the Iframe above, it will take action "onkeyup" in the div below. Now the div below, as it is hidden, it will only be previewed if the user click on a button. As a result, this will pop up in a JQuery dialog box. In short, the div will be pop up through a dialog box of JQuery UI to show the user the result he/she is coding. I know we can do this in textarea, it is just a matter of "value" but I am not getting it with Iframe. I made this: function pcode () { var frame = document.getElementById('code').value; var div = document.getElementById('preview'); divout.innerHTML = frameout; } The above code, is just to grab the value written in the Iframe, then preview it in the div below on onkeyup. Now, the code to preview the div in a JQuery UI dialog box once the user clicks on a button: function preview() { $('#preview').dialog({modal:true, height:600, width:1280, title:"Preview", show:"slow", hide:"fast"}); } $('#previewbutton').click(function() { preview(); }); The problem is nothing is working. If you have not understood the issue, you can ask me some questions, I am myself stressed with this. Everything would be OK if it was a textarea as I did this before with textarea and was fine. In the same line of thought, I have been advised to use IFrame when coding a text editor, because if I do this with a textarea, the user's code can have conflicts with my own CSS codes of the page. I want to know if there a possibility to use textarea alone instead of Iframe, in case there is no solution, but the user CSS and HTML codes must not have conflicts with my own CSS codes. For example, if I have declared a class or ID or made all Heading 1 blue for instance, and if the user is typing Heading 1 tag in a textarea, the CSS codes of mine will apply to the user as well, so I don't want this. Thank!
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