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Found 2 results

  1. After MONTHS of wrestling with "Sessions," battling ENDLESS "undefined index," "undefined this or that," "this array is not a string you idiot" errors, I think my website finally works. NOW I WANT TO SCRAP IT ALL! While fighting Sessions a few weeks ago, one of the best Admins here tossed out an idea, "...or you could use mySQL." I thought the suggestion was ridiculous ("just answer my damn question don't give me stupid alternatives")... but now the more I think about it: 1.) Sessions are a pain. 2.) Sessions are really glorified cookies a.) Nobody really likes cookies b.) Time is wasted contemplating the 'GDPR compliance' loophole (I don't want a dumb banner on my site) 3.) Sessions DO add a drag/overhead that IS noticeable, albeit barely. 4.) MANY people proudly have "cookies disabled" on their browser Conversely, mySQL is 1.) Ridiculously fast 2.) Appears to me Virtually BULLETPROOF from a "server storing server-generated data" standpoint. 3.) If you love annoying banners, you can put one up that says "THIS SITE DOES NOT USE COOKIES!" BUT.... There are 2 problems I need to overcome: Problem 1.) How to "maintain state" i.e. follow visitor through the site? Maybe generate a unique ID like this? $uniqueID = openssl_random_pseudo_bytes(openssl_cipher_iv_length('aes-256-cbc')); Problem 2.) My product page expands as visitor continues POSTs more products to it...... How do I "maintain state" if visitor tries to add an additional product via a $_GET request from a referral page? Example: Product Page: Bicycle: $25.00 // visitor now posts a Horse: Product Page now says: Bicycle: $25.00 Horse: $100.00 // visitor now posts a Buggy: Product Page now says: Bicycle: $25.00 Horse: $100.00 Buggy: $10.00 // visitor now adds a Donkey, via Referral Page: Product Page now says: Donkey: $25.00 (Notice how all $_POST data just got lost?) Hmmm....... Any thoughts will be appreciated (maybe not appreciated right away, but eventually 😀 )
  2. What is a typing monkey? Well the short answer is a person when they make a silly mistake in typing code and that mistake screws everything. Much like the million monkeys that could type Shakespeare's work, most if it is garbage. As an example I just spent two hours writing js code, telling in the browser, and getting nothing. So I'd check my code and tweak, nothing. Check html and tweak, nothing. TWO HOURS of that and I'm ready to chuck the same computer off the Empire State building. So I decide I'll work on a different part of the page before I do anything stupid. ... ... ... That's when I notice I don't have a <script src='script.js'></script> in my html.... I'm a TYPING MONKEY!!!!!!!!
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