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Found 1 result

  1. I am trying to figure out how to run a play-by-play simulation(simulator) for a wrestling game(think WWE/F). Wrestler1 and Wrestler2 have 100% health to start and each move from the move database does x amount of damage and deducts y amount of energy. If the move is hit it subtracts from health and energy and outputs 1 of 3 random text strings describing the move sequence. If the move is missed it does nothing to health or energy and outputs 1 of 3 random string describing the move "failure" sequence. Each move will be assigned a move_id, move_name, move_damage, move_energy, move_type, move_section, is_pin, cause_blood in the moves table in the database. move_id = autoincrement move_name = move name move_damage = how much damage the move does if successful move_energy = how much energy the move takes away if successful move_type = Aerial, Impact, Behind, Submission, Strike move_section = which sections can this move be performed in? Entrance, Opening, Early, Middle, Late, Finish, Post(can have more than 1 section per move to add more variety to sections) is_pin = does this move go in to a pin count? cause_blood = does this move cause the opponent to bleed? Match Sections Each section will have a three scenarios picked randomly to allow freshness and unpredictability. Each section will randomly select moves from the wrestlers table for moves which will be defined in the database as numbers and then called upon moves.php to associate numbers with moves. Each move has 3 success and 3 failure play-by-play text entries. If the user is determined to be successful, it will select randomly a PBP text to generate from the 3. (Same for failure) It will generate the play-by-play text and display it on screen, then move on to the next move. Each section, except Entrance and Post, will generate 10 moves by random depending upon which move_section in the database the are allowed to be executed in. Match cannot end until Finish. Trying to figure out how to incorporate a random pinning text allowing only 1 and 2 counts from Early to Late and 3 count(end) for Finish. Entrance Display by random 1 of 5 different entrance text scenarios. Opening Generate 10 moves based on the Opening move_section. Early Generate 10 moves based on the Early move_section. Middle Generate 10 moves based on the Middle move_section. Late Generate 10 moves based on the Late move_section. Finish Generate 10 moves based on the Finish move_section. Post Display by random 1 of 10 different post-match text scenarios. Match Summary $matchwinner defeated $matchloser by $matchfinish(pinfall,submission,etc) at $matchtimelength $matchrating (* out of 5 stars)(based on algorithm of both wrestlers talent, experience, popularity, modifiers, and boosts)(higher match rating = more skill and experience gains) $wrestler1 gained $x points in popularity $wrestler2 lost $y points in popularity Other Notes Match PBP will not show sections. It will be the entrance, grouping of 50 moves, post-match, and then followed by the summary. Files will be match.php, moves.php, match_entrance.php, and match_post.php. (maybe I am structuring this wrong?) This is not a generic attack, defend, kill type of RPG/game I'm just looking for advice. I don't need people to write out this engine because how will I learn? I'm trying gather the approaches some of you more seasoned developers would take in this scenario and in the most effective way possible. Thanks in advance and anything helps!
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