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not more then 8 MySQL entries at 1 time?

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Hello people

I've got a question

I wrote a script in php what scans folder and subfolders for MP3 files.
then add's them to a MySQL database.
The problem is that it only add's 8 files en then stops....

i put the php file and the mySQL file on a server, so you can download it
and take a look at it.

the comments are in dutch sorry for that.

I hope i posted it here wel enough becouse it's also MySQL...
(admin/mod feel free to move if you think thats nessesery)

[a href=\"http://members.lycos.nl/renethuh/Exodus-design.zip\" target=\"_blank\"]here are the files[/a]

Please help me people

Yours Truly
Ex0duS Design

it works..no need to help me any more

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