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Mirroring 2 databases

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Hi All


On my site I have a form where web users capture a CV and send it to my DB. My consultants go and prosess that CV and do alot to that CV and then look for work for those people. To minimize the load on my DB/Server I want a server for my Web users and a server for my Consultants.These servers will be dedicated DB Servers. Where my problem starts is how do I get these 2 DB\'s to automatically update each other every +- 30mins to 60mins.


Any help will be much appreciated.

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if the mirrored is only used for SELECT statements, you can setup a service (windows) or a cronjob (unix) that runs every X minutes and copies the database over.


if they are both being updated, i can only guess to use mysqldump because i believe it ignores duplicates. let me know what you find.

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