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How do I Connect to remote mysql database

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I have a requirement to allow remote access to my mysql database.


I\'ve read a million threads on this subject and none of them seem to give clear instructions on how to do this.


I tried the following code.


where $db_hostname is the ip address of the server.



 $db_hostname= xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx 





echo "SQL_ERROR: Cannot connect to Database: $db_name<br>"; exit();




echo "Connection successful";




This produced the following set of errors.


Warning: Access denied for user: \'XXXXXX@ns0.ennsol.co.uk\' (Using password: YES) in /www/html/_codebase/connect/remote_connect.php on line 22


Warning: MySQL Connection Failed: Access denied for user: \'XXXXX@ns0.ennsol.co.uk\' (Using password: YES) in /home/virtual/site97/fst/var/www/html/_codebase/connect/remote_connect.php on line 22

SQL_ERROR: Cannot connect to Database: testbed_ennsol_co_uk


If I use localhost as the db_hostname I connect without any problems. What do I have to do to allow a remote connection to the database?


Is this a coding issue or is there a setting on the server that needs to be changed?



All help and suggestion greatfully received!



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