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Problem converting UTC to GMT.

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Ok. I have a script that pulls out the time it was run, and puts it into a database. That looks like this.

$date = date("DdSF,Y");
$time = date("g:i:sa");

I have no problem with this, it works fine. However, I do have a problem with the time it pulls out. Whilst it works fine, since it's in UTC and I'm in GMT it is always 5 hours behind. I'm looking for a way to solve this. I've been told that I need to add 18000 seconds to the time (Since that's 5 hours). As far as I can see, this will work, except for DST.

Any ideas how I can either get it to add 18000 all the time, or work out the time for DST as well?


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As far as I was aware, GMT and UTC are the same thing.

To add 5 hours, you could do it like this. You can add 18000 to the seconds if you prefer though output would be the same.
echo date("DdSF,Y g:i:sa",mktime(date("g")+5,date("i"),date("s"),date("m"),date("d"),date("Y")));

As for making it DST correct, I guess you could use a switch() to match the current month, and if DST applies add/remove an hour.

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