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I'm trying to configure a search-function on my site, so that users can select one or several tables to search from, using checkboxes.


$query = "SELECT * FROM $table WHERE $kolumn LIKE \"%$trimmed%\" AND approved='yes'
  ORDER BY name ASC";[/code]

The value table is currently set by

[code]<select name="table">
  <option value ="tcg_dex_ex_legend_maker">Ex Legend Maker</option>
  <option value ="tcg_dex_ex_delta_species">Ex Delta Species</option>
  <option value ="tcg_dex_ex_unseen_forces">Ex Unseen Forces</option>

But rather then just selecting one table, I'd like to use checkboxes instead.

<input type="checkbox" name="table" value="tcg_dex_ex_legend_maker">Ex Legend Maker<br>
<input type="checkbox" name="table" value="tcg_dex_ex_delta_species">Ex Delta Species<br>
<input type="checkbox" name="table" value="tcg_dex_ex_unseen_forces">Ex Unseen Forces<br>[/code]

Needless to say, using checkboxes like this, will only result in one of the options being used. How should I configure my query to recieve several values into $table?

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[code]<input type="checkbox" name="table[]" value="tcg_dex_ex_legend_maker">Ex Legend Maker[/code]

Like that? For some reason, it won't display any results at all. Are there any other changes in the code that I need to do?

for example, $table=$_GET['table'];

still recieves its value from "table", not "table[]", right? (or rather, "table%5B%5D" as it is generated in the url).

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$table = $_GET['table'];

if you have 3 checkboxes selected then $table is your array of those three values.

echo $table[0]; // echos the first value
echo $table[1]; // echos the 2nd value
echo $table[2]; // echos the 3rd value

so in your sql query if you did

select * from $table[0] where blah=blah

or whatever, it would get the results from the first table that you checked. Obviously you can use a loop to loop through each one, or use a join

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I think I've gotten the array to work now, even though it selects the last option i check instead of the first (and it still won't select more then one table).

Anyway, I'm not that versed in looping queries or using join's. Are there any (newbie-friendly) documentation written about this?

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