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Okay I have a file upload system where the users can upload their files to my site. But I want them to be able to later go back and fill out a description and add a thumbnail for their file. So what I want is for people to be able to view all files and if the owner hasn't made a description page it will just download the file when they click on it, but if they have it will go to a description page where the user can download the file from.

So, basically the question is how can I get the user to essentially add their own page to the server? I want them to just be able to enter a description and upload a picture and then the server will take that info and make a .htm file out of it displaying the thumbnail and the description beside it.

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pseudo code

1. create database
user name
user password
path/name of user pic
pic description/comment
path/name of thumbnail

2. create login/register page for users
a. register new user
b. exisitng user has option to (1) add pic (2) delete pic (3) add comment (4) edit comment

I suggest...

1. each user having own folder for pics/thumbs
2. use sessions so that IF the person viewing a picture IS the original user then edit options are displayed; otherwise, only views are displayed.


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