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Help with installation of my PHP

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I have a layoutcms script that I'm trying to run on my website but I must not be setting up my config.php file right because when I goto try it out it has a bunch of errors on my page. I'm trying to figure out what part of the script I'm putting the wrong info there for it not to work. Here is the set script that I'm trying to get right for it to work.

$mysql_server = "localhost - (Don't know if this is right!)";
$mysql_user = "******";
$mysql_pass = "******";
$mysql_db = "Made a database but don't know if I set it up right!";
$script_dir = "Trying to place the right path here!";
$from_email = "******@oldschooldesignz.com";
$site_url = "http://www.oldschooldesignz.com/******/preview/index.php";
$config['ftypes'] = array('jpg','jpeg','png','gif','bmp');

Need to figure out what part of this script needs this are that because the info that I put in will not work! Sorry that I'm bouncing around information but I don't mess with alot of php scripts and drawing a blank to setting this up so that all the other scripts work off it! Please can someone help? And if you need any info are need anything that will help understand what I'm tring to do please let me know and I will provide anything you need!

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