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Rounding Time

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Well if you've read the description I'm needing help rounding time off. At first I was thinking of round(time(), 1800). But after a few glances, I noticed that that wouldn't work and if it did, it would round 1800 seconds not to the nearest half hour which is what I'm trying to do.

I want to go by the servers time for this particular function, but I just can't seem to get my head wrapped aroung about how to do this properly.

Let's say that it is currently 5:18pm, I am wanting the script to determine if the display time should be 5:00pm (when before 5:15) and 5:30 when after 5:15.

Thanks for any advice.


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if(date(i)<45 && date(i)>30){$half=TRUE;};
if(date(i)<31 && date(i)>15){$half=TRUE;};


echo("The time is ".$hour.":".$mins." right now.");


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See I knew it couldn't be to hard.

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