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looking for a cms tutorial

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Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone had ever come across a php/mysql tutorial that shows how to create a cms that allows users to also upload and display images?



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Yeah, I had trouble find hel on that as well.
I ended up just making my own and adding features as I learned what I was doing.

first, start w/ Kevin Roth's [a href=\"http://www.kevinroth.com/rte/\" target=\"_blank\"]Rich Text Editor[/a] (RTE) it seems to be just about everywhere on the web where people have WYSIWYG text entry fields.

Once you get that up and running, add new features.
Find a tutorial for resizing images. Build an application that does that. Then, link it to the RTE.

To insert those resized and uploaded images back into the generated code, look at and copy other features of the RTE program (such as "insert table") and adjust to do what you need.

Sorry that doesn't give you an easier answer. but its a start.

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Book I used that had a basic CMS with even a section for uploading images was:

Visual QuickPro Guide: PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Websites
Author: Larry Ullman
ISBN: 0-321-18648-6

I loved it, I wish more programming books were layed out like this.

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