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php code not executed

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php code is not executed when the file is created with a script on the server, but runs if the same file is uploaded.
I create a file xxx.php wich contains php code on the server. When I try to execute the created file it shows only the html code and cannot cope withe the line <?php 'include('filename.php') ?> It simply cannot find the file 'filename.php'. When I download ths file xxx.php and upload it to the server: it runs normally and it can find the included file.
Anyone famliar whith this phenomena?


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Maybe you could post up some code? I run a test with the following code and everything appears to work fine, is this how you're doing it?
$h = fopen("new.php","wb")
fwrite($h,"<?php\r\n phpinfo()\r\n ?>")
include "new.php"
Please Note: I have not included the semi-colons on the end of the the functions, there is a forum bug that prevents this.

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