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[SOLVED] create: home >> welcome >> ...


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it depends on your sites structure.  This sounds more like a php question otherwise you would have a static site and just input the html by hand.


Can't tell you how to do it with php without knowing how you detect the parent of any given page - but essentially you will create a series of links with a url to each page within the path to the current page...

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it is not wrong to put it by hand?


It may not not potentially be.




Most sites do that with a server-side language (php, asp etc), and it is based on their document structure.


You can do it by hand if you want. Just make a bunch of links with the relevant text inside.

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its not wrong to put breadcrumb links in by hand if you have a flat site - thats only way to do it.


the 'best' way of course is to generate this automatically using the current url and the sites structure (relationships between pages in the database).

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