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[SOLVED] pg_dump error


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Good Day to All,


Hi, does anyone here know about why this pg_dump error occurs everytime I try to backup my DB?


> pg_dump: [tar archiver] actual file length (256661) does not match expected (253952)

> pg_dump: *** aborted because of error


> Process returned exit code 1.


I already have tried to VACUUM my DB but the error still occurs.


Hope to have some help.


Thank you in advance.

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Which version of postgres do you have?  Google search shows that older versions of postgres could fail when making a tar pg_dump, because they needed to store the uncompressed table dump in /tmp.

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For those who still experience this error in pg_dump.


I've fixed this problem through upgrading the version of my pgAdmin III, from v1.6.3 to v1.8.



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