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fuction keeps repeating itself on refresh

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I am building a admin area where information put in to a database kan be viewed but also deleted and edited. Existing of 3 scripts (pages).

list.php (where the list of records is shown.) contains queries and functions for new.php and edit.php and to delete records.

new.php (the input form for new records)

edit.php (this form shows information to edit existing records)

all of the funtions POST and GET a id from the database to the other script or funtion so that function knows what record to edit, delete, or show.

The problem i have is that...
after every edited or added or deleted record the function seems to repeat itself when the page is refreshed.

what can i do to solve this?

I didn't add the code becouse it's 8 pages.

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Check your conditions make sure that the logic is right, as in, you did not inadvertently set them to always be true and therefore execute no matter what.

Other than that, nobody can help you unless you post some code. You may have 8 pages worth of code, but obviously not all 8 pages of it is messing up, as it seems to be doing its job as far as database manipulation.

So narrow it down to the part that actually does the processing, and post some code.

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