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Getting info from XML files

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:@ Stupid permission thing, I couldn't post until now, I think it's because of something in my code, so I'll paste it in pastebin.com, anyway

Hello, I'm working on a script to upload flash movies to my site, and then displaying them on automatically generated php pages.
So far I figured out how to create the xml files with the info from a form filled out previously.
The thing is, how to 'extract' that info to show it on a new php page?

The XML generated files look something like this;
[a href=\"http://pastebin.com/736302\" target=\"_blank\"]XML Part[/a]

Then, on php I tried this:
[a href=\"http://pastebin.com/736312\" target=\"_blank\"]PHP Part[/a]

Note: that's not the full script on php, that's only the part that is supossed to get the information off the XML file.

Any ideas of what's wrong here?

It might be the XML file itself.

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