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I wont go talking about features as i have no idea what it is. Talking about design, the site is generally simple and created without much concern on graphics. That vista-like menu seems too much overused now days, so much that i dont even like it anymore. It also seems like off with the site appearance as everything else is plain color and borders.


Personally i dont like the site. It may have great features (for whatever they are) and your coding skills may be great too, but as for the design, its nowhere in today's standarts.

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Thank you for the feedback GuiltyGear.  It does look a little dull.  I have always been more of a back-end programmer but would like to learn more on design.  Do you have any suggestions or should I stick to back-end programming? :)  Oh yea, I did copy the Close button that I have on my popups from Vista.  I agree, it is off from the rest of my site appearance.  I'll work on that.


Thanks again.

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