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Another Progress Indicator Question

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I am developing some code which is taking some user input, interrogating eBay via xml and then displaying
the results.

But it is taking a while to run and I would like to put something on screen to reassure the user that something is happening.

I think it would be possible to use css to show an animated gif in the middle of the screen and when the script results are ready to display remove the gif again.

page header
image on
send xml to ebay
process results
image off
show results
page end

I know that images can be altered using Javascript, but have been unable to find anything suitable.

Or maybe you have another solution, thanks

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one idea:
put an image somewhere somewhere, give it and id, like this:
<IMG src="loading.gif" name="loading" id="loading">

and at the end of your page/script put this:

<script type="text/javascript">document.images['loading'].src = 'empty.gif';</SCRIPT>

that'll replace your loading image with a transparent or background colored one.

Not the coolest thing, but works :)


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