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PHP - recuire action before hitting "Submit"

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Great board!

I need some help here.

I have succesfully installed [a href=\"http://spellerpages.sourceforge.net/\" target=\"_blank\"]Speller Pages[/a].

Works like a charm.

So i have a textarea and three buttons - Register - Run ABC - and Exit.

The thing is....

Everything thats gets registered in my database can be sendt by hittings links.
So I have three buttons / links - Send as SMS - Send as fax - Send as mail.
They are linked like this:

echo " <td valign=top nowrap><a target=_blank href=\"processmail.php?mail=$rad[0]\">Send as Mail</a></td>\n";

echo " <td valign=top nowrap><a target=_blank href=\"processsms.php?sms=$rad[0]\">Send as SMS</a></td>\n";

Instead of hitting the "Run ABC" button manually, I want the SpellerPages to run when hitting the SMS/Faz/Mail links. -> When clicking the link, it first runs the ABC check (abc.php) , and after it has run it goes to processmail.php.

Any good ideas here?

I would be very greatful if anyone can help me.

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Please post the tag for the button


from the HTML, it will help to determine what process hitting this button executes.


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