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Can someone help me with the correct syntax for the following ~ not sure what i'm doing wrong.

trying to call username,sr_classifieds_score,sr_classifieds_pcnt and put them in $username,$score,$percentage

keep getting mysql_fetch_row(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource on line 15 - list($username,$score,$percentage) = mysql_fetch_row($r);

Thanks in advance.



$db = "******";
$dbname = "*******";
$dbpass = "********";

$link = mysql_connect ('localhost', $dbname, $dbpass) or die;
@mysql_select_db('$db', $link);

function my_query($sql) {
  global $link;
  $result = @mysql_query($sql, $link);
  if ($result) return $result;


$r = my_query("select username,sr_classifieds_score,sr_classifieds_pcnt  from user
  where userid='$user_id'");
  list($username,$score,$percentage) = mysql_fetch_row($r);

       @mysql_close( $link );

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[code]@mysql_select_db('$db', $link);[/code]

Remove the single quotes from '$db'

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