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Hi. I have a problem with my SQL query / PHP string...

I'm trying to take a user's input from a form, where they can specify how long they want something for and what their budget is.

I can do the latter part fine, but I want to do a search which allows them to search listings that might say "per month" even though they might have specified "per night". I think that this is the line that has the error, but the website is not throwing up any nasty errors or anything, so I'm usure where the problem is. can anyone here help?

[code]if ($_POST['frequency']=='Night'){
$search = "(".$search.") AND (((type='Week') AND (price <= '".($price*7)."')) OR ((type='Month') AND (price <= '".($price*30)."')) OR ((type='Night') AND (price <= '".$price."')))";

Thanks in advance.

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