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PHP to MySQL - Could not connect to database

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Hi all, I've spent a good part of this morning reading the forums but still havent come up with a solution to my problem and I was wondering if one of you all might have a fresh look at it.

The Stats:

Windows Server 2003
PHP 4.4.2
MySQL 4.1
EQDQKP 1.3.0p4

Basically the eqdkp uses php to connect to the mysql dbase. Unfortunately, it doesnt like the new versions of PHP and MySQL so I'm forced to use the old ones I listed.

When I try to install the app , I give it the dbase name, user name and location but it comes back with an error msg "[b]Unable to connect to dbase "abcd" on root @ localhost[/b]"

I can connect to the dbase using the command line interface through mysql, and it appears healthy. I've created two additional user accounts and given them ALL PRIVILEGES on *.*. I've even created a new database just for the heck of it.

No matter what username/dbase I use, I get that same error message.

With PHP 4.4.2 its supposed to have built in MySQL support, so there are no additional .dll's that I need to copy over to the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folders.

Can anyone give me a suggestion as to what I need to do in order to further troubleshoot this? I've been hammering at this for several days and I admit that I've lost my impartiality :)


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