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Help With My Server Please

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#1 88fingers

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Posted 23 September 2003 - 03:30 PM

For the last three months, I\'ve been running a server on my computer, no problem. It\'s Apache, the setup was relatively easy, and I just never had any problems. Then, over the past week, our power went out for 2 days, due to hurricane Isabel coming thru. I turned my computer off like a good boy does, waited patiently, then 2 days later, when power came back, I turned my computer back on and started up Apache. It ran fine, and I did my \"localhost\" thing and put in my local ip address, just to make sure it was running fine, and it was. Apache was having no problems at all. I didn\'t bother checking my actual ip address, which was probably silly of me. I got some emails from some friends over the past 2 days asking why my server was down, and I sent them responses saying, \"My server is up and running, you must be having internet problems.\" However, after about 10 emails from friends, I checked it out, and lo-and-behold, my server is not working fine. Apache is still running as smoothly as ever, but since the power was out on our router, cable modem, and computer for 2 days, my ip address had changed, and I had completely forgotten about that possibility. So, I went into my router config and made sure everything was where it needed to be, and then went into the PHP configs, MySQL configs, and Apache configs, and made sure everything there was right. Everything looks fine, but for some reason, I cannot access my server via my real ip address. localhost and my local IP work just fine, so I know Apache is fine, but if someone else tries to access my page, they can\'t get to it. I know my IP address has changed for sure; I went to www.whatismyip.com and checked it out. My old IP doesn\'t work, and my new one doesn\'t, and I\'m in a bind to figure it out.

I\'m pretty sure it has something to do with my router and port 80, but I just can\'t figure out what\'s wrong. If anyone knows a good bit about netgear routers and their settings, I would really appreciate some help. Here\'s some of my specs incase that will help:

Windows XP
Netgear Router
Old IP Address:
New IP Address: (according to www.whatismyip.com)


#2 effigy

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Posted 23 September 2003 - 11:10 PM

is the win xp firewall shutdown? does your router have any firewall settings? i cannot even ping you...
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#3 88fingers

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Posted 24 September 2003 - 01:19 AM

I\'m not sure :( I really don\'t know all that much about the server, just what I\'ve been able to figure out on my own. How would I check into my firewall status?

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