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help on creating a secure download system

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I'm helping a fellow script site with their downloads by providing a alt link(since he gets so many hits and all) and I want to be able to add some security to the download system i have for this.

basically i have done some reading and ive seen many do some with http_referer to prevent a bandwidth attack, but I do not know how to do such a thing.

first off is this possible with php itself or do i need to alter something in apache to work along with this?

any help at all is fine :)


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Basically there is no short answer for this.

I would not rely on HTTP_REFERER since some firewalls or browsers will not send it, and also some browsers can fake this header.

You could (should) create a download php script which will send the file to the user without revealing it's real location. Then, you can add some security to this php script (i.e.: login / password).

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i dont want to add a password to it since im doing that now and i get alot of people bitching about it ;)

when not showing the real location mean like doing:


i might go ahead and do that.

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