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Table join question

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I have this question to answer as part of a job application, so i would be very grateful if i could get some help!!


The question in question is number 2c at this link:




I know this is a bit cheeky, but I\'m desparate to get this done. Is this possible within MySQL (i\'m trying it with that). I\'ve tried comparing the tables with an

 if(SUBSCRIPTION.paperid=PAPER.paperid, \'True\', \'False\') 

but can\'t seem to just get the 5 returned rows. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!


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select papername, IF(personid is null,\'False\', \'True\') as subscribed

from paper

left outer join subscription on paper.paperid=subscription.paperid

and subscription.personid =1

order by papername


The important things:


-use left outer join to get a row whether or not Jacque is subscribed

-use AND to only get rows from subscription that are Jacque (personid =1). Since a person can only be subscribed to a paper once, this means that we either get a personid of 1, or NULL in the personid column.

-use IF on personid to test for NULL (ie a paper that Jacque is not a subscriber to)



Don\'t say I never did anything for ya :wink:

Now if you get the job, will I be getting a kickback from you?

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Thanks v. much. That means my application is finished. If i get that job I\'ll...

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