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phpBB3 version 3.0.1 ( Need help few bugs screen shot inside ) my first post :(


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hey guys sorry this will be kinda big post please help me out as much as you can here are some problems I'm having


First of all my whole admin font is massive as you will see in screen shots dont know why  its got so huge all of the sudon


1. Admin panel Its Meesed up what should be sitting next to navigation is sitting on bottom of admin page just below whole navigation here is the screen shot



2. Visual confirmation settings image has vanished as u see here



3. Modiration page on front page is kinda out of table like u see here



4. User Profile/Warn user is spitting out this error

General Error

Module not accessible

Please notify the board administrator or webmaster: admin@*********.com


5. User Global Setting is spitting out wierd error ( not even sure if its error or somehting to do with language file there ) here is the screen shot




I would also like to know how to make warning showe up in user forum field ? so people can see this guy has had warning ?


Thanks guys ( I'm using latest phpBB3 )

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I'd recommend you to post this in the phpBB support forums over at phpbb.com


Are you using a custom phpBB theme? Have you installed any modifications? Make sure any modifications/themes you have installed is compatible with phpBB3.


Moving to Third Part Support forum.

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Re-upload all the files without touching the configuration file.

Second... Do your server have imagemagick or GD/2 installed?


Also, what version of php does your host have? looks a bit...messy, did you finished uploading all the files?

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When u say reupload all the files how do u mean excly just replace all the files other then config.php ? everything was working fine then I tried installing linkchecker and the whole dang thing messed up after that isent there a some sort of file I can run that will fix all the tables? :(

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Then redo the linkchecker installation *as in removing the php code bits that it told you to add*. I think it'd be best if you ask for support about the mod you tried to install. (Also.. did you made sure the mod was for phpBB3?)

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Yeah mod was for phpbb3 I removed the whole mod including editing all the files I have edited :s I get feeling I might of mised somehting out but thats why I'm wondering of there is an autofix for phpBB3 u just run and it foxes your tables or something ?

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