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adding elements to arrays using variables as keys

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hey everyone. I've come up with a bit of code below but i'm having problems with the end result. Specifically, the line

$masterarray[$key] = $finalsum;

I can't figure out how to add elements to an array using a key that comes from a variable. i would really appreciate any help on this..

//test section with functions

//going to be passed each element of the secondarray
function wordsum ($variable) {

$letterarray = str_split($variable);

foreach($letterarray as $letter) {

switch ($letter) {
    case "a":
        $wordsize[]= "1";

    case "b":
        $wordsize[]= "2";

    default :
        $wordsize[]= "0";

        } //end switch

$totalofword = array_sum($wordsize);

                            } //end foreach letter

return $totalofword;

//$masterarray[$counter] = $totalofword;

} //end function wordsum

foreach($secondarray as $word) {//for each word

$finalsum = wordsum($word);

print(wordsum($word) . "<bR>");

$key = array_search($word, $secondarray);
print("<b>" . "$key" . "</b>");

$masterarray[$key] = $finalsum;

}//end foreach word

print("<br>" . "this is the final output" . "<br>");

//end test section with functions


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[b]$array[$key] = $value[/b] should work. This code:

$key = 'red';
$value = 'apple';
$key2 = 'purple';
$value2 = 'grape';

$array[$key] = $value;
$array[$key2] = $value2;

echo '<pre>';
echo '</pre>';

Would print:
    [red] => apple
    [purple] => grape
Maybe you can tell us what you are trying to do with it?
And also $totalofword = array_sum($wordsize) shouldn't be in the foreach loop (if you are trying to do what I think).

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