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Tell me what everyone thinks of this site and if anything should be added
or if anything should be fixed??????

Its just a personal site with funny videos, games, pictures,etc...

[a href=\"http://www.fishbash.com\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.fishbash.com[/a]

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Next time you want us to review a site, it would help if you would include a link in your post.
Well, ignoring the tables, the invalid and illegible HTML and CSS code, the pointless ASCII art at the top, the fact that in Firefox 1.5 it stretches wider then the screen, and the Vincent Flander rule about not judging personal sites, it isn't that bad.

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Its not too bad.
There are a few things -> it would be better with a little interactivity - a:hover etc.
The forums are nice -> however there is no link etc. to go back to your main site.

Theres a lot of whitespace at the top etc. Its a little offputting.
That logo in the top right is way too big IMO.
Your links page looks broken in IE.
In your Submit page - even though you type in your email as in:
f1sh[dot]b4sh[at]gmail[dot]com, however for the <a href="mailto: emailadd" is in plain text - which robots will pick up just as easily.

Overall ok ->
tidy up the header and logo.
reduce the whitespace a little maybe.
the footer looks a little out of colour.


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