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Hiya all

I am developing an online music application in php mysql. I wanted to know when my members login they can add music tracks to their personal library so when they log back on there library page will have each track they updated their library with

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You need at least 2 db tables, member and track

When they upload a track, store the path/filename in the track table with their member_id and other details

[code]member              track
---------           ----------
member_id <---+     track_id
username      |     title
password      |     filepath
etc           +---- member_id[/code]

Sample data
id |  title               |  path           |  member_id
1 | Moon River            | xxx/000001.mp3  |     1
2 | Nessun Dorma          | xxx/000002.mp3  |     1
3 | Birdie Song           | yyy/000003.mp3  |     2
4 | My Old Mans a Dustman | yyy/000004.mp3  |     3[/code]

Select tracks with their id from track table when the go to their library page.

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