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hey guys


i'm trying to create some captcha-type image with arabic letters.


i can't save the file as unicode, cause php do nothing about it (only a white page) .

when i save as utf-8 , php do not show images , it shows :


挑`?꜓3Ji 1Դښqii(?RbҒRҩ?????--%-"д JZE!ii)i????E?JZ BҒR?E!h )?????R???R- J)??()-%-"д????BҊAE"СE ??R????hZQIE"?RZJ`? !?C JZJ bRRғ!?i -%2X??(?C???? JJZJd? ?Hh%?%-%2???? ...


more than half of page about that.


using utf-8 make html pages able to read arabic letters right, but won't work for php.


any idea?


thanks a lot

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It would help if showed us some of the code that illustrates where the problem lies. Possibly this can be sorted with utf8_encode/utf8_decode or mbstring extension. It is also important to know what the source of the string is.


Possibly your problem could simply be solved by doing something like:


imagettftext($captha, 20, 0, 10, 20, $black, $font, utf8_encode($text));


If not, you have to provide a little more info.

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