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odbc_num_fields returns incorrect results

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I have setup a system dsn to a mssql 2k5 server on my iis 6 webserver.  I can get PHP to connect just fine to the table I am querying.  However I am trying to get information from a specific field and I was getting and error saying the Column did not exist.  I went to the SQL Server Studio and rean the exact same query and I got the result I was looking for.  I am able to get results from several other columns in the table.  So in PHP I did a odbc_num_fields call and it only returned 166 columns when there is in fact 179 columns.  I have altered my php.ini file to allow text sizes of 2 gigs and I allow for 65k instead of 4k and I have no change.  I am unable to get a DSN-less connection to work.  It supposedly can't find the server.  I have tried everything I can think of.  I HOPE someone can help.  Thanks in advance.

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