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[b]SOLVED-Outsourced it to someone from the forums, thanks for all the attempts at helping[/b]

I really need help with this, I have a list of 50 .txt files that a client needs converted to xml, I am doing it in dreamweaver, a lot of stuff I did with find and replace, but I need to find a way to automatically close the tags. I can't do it all by hand it would take me months and he needs it by the end of the week, plus I have 4 projects I am sitting on I need to start on this week, I just need a quick way to end the tags as well, is there a way to do this automatically or a editor out there that will close them all automatically.

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How different are all the tags that need closing?

The only editor I use is Edit+ (www.editplus.com) which I also recommend as it allows you to record and play macros. Just record yourself changing one and then play it back until you get to the end of the file.

As for any utilities to automatically close the tags, I've no idea of any out there, maybe someone else does?

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