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email service busted

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i currenly have 2 erros that i can not seem to find solutions to in my php.ini (i wont lie, i dont know much about my php.ini file but am trying to learn as i go) file so perhaps someone here can help me in my search.
1. when i use the mkdir() comand it works just fine, the folder is created and i can than later delete it if i want. my problem howerver, is if i do mkdir("somefolder"); and then later do mkdir("somefolder/otherfolder"); i totaly loose control over everythin gthat lies in "somefolder". i cant move any of the files, i cant delete any of the files, i cant even delete the folder "somefolder". this is probably just some stupid error that i can fix super easy, but as of now, im stuck and cant figure out anything.

2. when a user signes up at my site i send them an html email to confirm their email adress, i was on an older server and my script worked perfectly. i moved to a new server, and now most emails wont go through, and when they do all the html is displayed as text. i have been looking through my php.ini file for a solution there but have not been able to find much.

if any more info on either of my problems is needed feel free to let me know and ill give you whatever you need.

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