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Review: Unwritten Layouts (40,000 daily unique hits)

[UW] Jake

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We're new, we're growing. We're going to be (sooner than later) converting over into PHP w/ MySQL, but first I'd like to switch web-hosts. Anyways, let me know what you think of the site design, and the apparent functionality of the PHP code.


Here I will try to provide as many details as possible to help you critique us.

Unwritten Layouts (unwritten-lyts.net)

Unwritten Layouts is a few months young, and offers original content for MySpace profiles. The type of content is mostly graphic & html/css oriented. I think you'll get the gist for what type of web-site it is.


Thanks for your time!


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40,000 daily unique hits


::) You know that hits != page views. One page view may add up to 40 hits or more.


Thus, you are only getting about ~ 1,000 page views.


::) Did you also know that page views != unique visitors.


Let us say each user views 20 pages (very small estimate) then you are only getting 50 unique visitors each day.


50 unique visitors is absolute nothing - both in site traffic and advertisement revenue potential.


;) Hope you knew that!

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You know that hits != page views. One page view may add up to 40 hits or more.

I hope you know that hits does = page views, and neither of them = uniques, which is what I was talking about.


And by hits you must be thinking of something like every image and css file loaded is a hit. Not the standard way to look at it my friend. One hit = one page loaded = one impression = one page view. These are standard terms you will learn when getting into the world of marketing & traffic.


The site still gets 30k-40k uniques a day, translating into over 100k page views (hits, impressions, whatever you'd like to call them).


This translates into $10,000 to $20,000 monthly revenue.



So your analysis is just ever so slightly off :-P, by a landslide!



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don't like to maybe state the obvious, but if your site is so popular and you seem to know so much stuff already, why are you asking for a critique?


but while i'm here, I found the header pretty garish and hard to read....other than that, the rest of the content is still loading.


I'm new hear and obviously not a moderator, but please don't be rude to people who respond to your threads.

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way too many ads on the site it keeps trying to pop up windows. content is hard to read due to the colors


grey text on a white background on my laptop makes it way to hard to read your links


to compare to another site related to yours



still uses alot of ads but his content seems easier to find and loads way faster

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