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Forums Sharing DB with Local Site

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When you design your own database (mySQL) without the possiblity, or consideration of ever putting a forum (like this one) into your site. Just how difficult is it to suddenly change your mind.

What i really want to know is 2 questions:
1) What are the best forum software out there that you'd all recommend (preferably free, as i'm only doing this for my own education).
2) Is it very difficult to have the forum use your already existing user/pass section? I mean... rather then having them log in all over again, i want them to use the same account they may have logged into on the main site.

I'm designing a page for a softball league in my local city and it just occured to me that a forum would be good for players to chat with one another. Or people who don't know enough people to form a team, they could use the forum to unite with others in the same vote. But i dont' really want to have the accounts that arleady exist for the site, to have to create a second account just to use the form. Unless it's common that people set the site up this way.. *shrugs*....


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My suggestion:

1) Use SMF (www.simplemachines.org) for the forums. It's free and has all the bells and whistles of the other paid forums.

2) It's be easier to have the users login to both through the forums user table instead of the other way around. You might have to convert the ones that are already signed up for the site to the forums table, but that wouldn't be hard.

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