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Just a thought for noobie and maybe many more

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I've been frequenting this forum for a couple of years now and have a hopefully helpful hint for the noobies and oldies like myself.

Take a few minutes each time you come to this forum and do a search for posts/replies by the following people...

Barand, AndyB and Toplay.

You would be amazed at what you will learn simply by reading their answers and suggestions. Even if you have no need at that particular moment for the content, the idea will stick somewhere in your brain and you will be able to track the answer down when you need it.

Ba Da Ba Da Ba Da, That's All Folks!


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There's a line from a song that goes like this - "To name just a few would diminish the many ...".

I'll second Litebearer's message about learning from reading other people's responses. There are a lot of people here who respond freely with very sound advice on many topics and they're all doing a fine job - whether they have 10 posts or 10,000. And quite a few who go the extra mile to sort out other people's code or even sort out what the real questions are.

If you've been helped here, the occasional "Thanks, that solved it" is never underappreciated and even better is to try your hand at helping other people. Don't be one of those people who ask a zillion questions and never volunteer an answer for someone else.

I learned, and continue to learn, a great deal from reading other people's solutions. That's one of the great things about this forum!

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