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This is Bugging Me


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Hi Guys,


Something that has been bugging me for ages, is how do websites that offer a service for a fee, start-up?


If we take um.... a job website for example (JobServe.com), who allow recruiters to post jobs for a small fee onto there website, how do these sites start, as if there is nobody else to view the jobs, then the recruiter is spending money for nothing in return.


What happens when a website starts-up? eBay is another example.


I hope this makes sense!

Very interested to hear anybodies views.

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I'm in that situation at the moment - My company is launching a new brand within the next month whose product is a paid-for web based service. We've built in a promotional code system to give free subscription periods when people register and we're just going to create a 6-month code and post it up on the website so that no-one pays in the first 6 months to encourage sign-ups. Coupled with plenty of pro-active advertising, it should start to happen. You've got to spend money to make money!

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I am in this situation myself and can't afford a massive advertising campaign like some of these big companies. If I go ahead I will have to offer all services free until it becomes well used and successful, but there is no guarantee this will happen.

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many job boards are started by people from the recruitment industry who have specific experience dealing with certain clients. I know someone that started a construction job board after working as a construction recruitment consultant. There are two ways he explained:


1, contacting his old favourite clients (especially the big ones that are familiar to the jobseekers in the particular industry) and telling them what you're doing and for a limited period they can list jobs for free.There's a lot of job boards out there so yours had better have something unique that you believe in so you can make the client believe that they're going to benefit.


2, asking clients if you can take their jobs from their site and publish them on your own.


3, subscribing to job sites that allow you to use their listings.


all the above is done before a proper launch, just to let Google have a little look around your site. Plenty of facilities such as "tell a friend", etc all help to get things moving by word of mouth, although the chap I know kept in touch with many of his old jobseekers and started from there.


once things start moving a bit - invest in some advertisements.

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Guest Xanza

The thing is - is that they don't... :) They have a company to back them up - it's an initial investment on the companies behalf but they charge a discussed % of interest and the start-up company has to pay back the initial principal x % interest.

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