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Collection of IMAGES to single byte array.

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Hello there...

Im trying to build a super-dooper-final-year-project - yet, i have hit a snag...

How to make a serialized byte array from a collection of images in PHP,
and then present it to the client as one array for download.
The images can be jpg/png
Information as to how the client should chop up the array and extract the image data can simply be a tag or sumthing.

My use for this would be to send a collection of (for example) thumbnail images in one server request.
So when my software client sends a GET request to the PHP, it should return a stream of bytes, composed
of serialized image data of all the $images.

Will it be possible to add text bytes as well?

btw. If this is really simple, and I am missing some wonderfull two-lines-of-code feature that does this,
then all I have to say is: I am the noob.

I would really appreciate ANY help on this.
Thankyou in advance

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