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changing _parent's select options from _blank

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I have a form that allows the user to change the options in a select box. I have an "edit" button right next to the box that opens a new window for the editing purpose. Once the change is complete, a simple script refreshes the parent page and closes the current one.
[code]window.opener.location.reload(true); window.close();[/code]

Problem is, they fill out the form then figure out they want to change the select box options. So, is there a way to replace the select options in the _parent window -- but not refresh the entire page?

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ha! it took me 24 hours to figure it out, but it works...

[code]<form blah blah...
<div id="testdiv"><select name="hellothere"><option value="1">1</option></select></div>
</form> ...blah blah[/code]

[code]<script ...
window.opener.getElementById("testdiv").innerHTML = '<select name="hellothere"><option value="1">1</option><option value="2">2</option></select>';

edit: fixed a bug I later discovered in firefox by using getElementById("testdiv") instead of just testdiv.

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