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mysql post installation niggles

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Ive recently installed mysql-4.0.15 and have run into a couple of problems. The first of which is with creating new databases Ive set up a user account and log in fine but when I try and create a new db I get:


Error 1044: Access denied for user \'lxf@localhost\' to database \'new\'


I cant work out why as when I first ran the install I was able to create two databases Have I dont something along the way that I shouldnt have?


Its obviously something to do with permisions but ive plugged away all week and havnt got anywhere!


The second problem lies in testing the connection with php. Im using the script:




$connection=mysql_connect (\"host\", \"user\", \"pass\") or die (\"connectError:\".mysql_error());




If I access this on my server I get the response


Warning: mysql_connect(): Can\'t connect to local MySQL server through socket \'/tmp/mysql.sock\' (2) in /var/www/html/php/oct02tut.php on line 3

ConnectError:Can\'t connect to local MySQL server through socket \'/tmp/mysql.sock\' (2)


If I run a braindump I get


MYSQL_SOCKET /tmp/mysql.sock


Thing is though my socket is located in /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock !!??





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