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Creating a Web Reference to WSDL in PHP

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I have some code that I'm converting from VB into PHP that refers to the a class called Outbound. I was told Outbound is merely a reference to a WSDL (for example [a href=\"http://www.mydomain.com/mywsdl.wsdl)\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.mydomain.com/mywsdl.wsdl)[/a]. How can I create this reference in PHP so I can use this class?

Also, as a bonus, once I have access to it, how can I translate the following vb code into PHP:

Dim CallItemObject As New Outbound.CallItem
CallItemObject.siteNumber = SiteNumber

Dim WebServiceCall As New Outbound.OutboundCallService
placecallresponse = WebServiceCall.placeCall(placecallobject)

ANY help on this would be tremendously appreciated.

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