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I am in the process of desgining a Project/Software Management System and I am gong to be using MySQL for the backend of the system and most likely the front end is going to be PHP. Now this am plan that the design proces will take me a few month and in that time Iwould like to read on on something thing i think i will neeed to know. I thing I would like to read up on becuase i think it is impoartant for a project like this is security. if you guys could give me a link to any type of web-based secruity using PHP, HTML, MySQL or anything else I might want to use please do that. I would like ot read up on this stuff before I start coding anything.

Thank You
Ryan Zec

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Your backend will be PHP & MySQL. The frontend might be Javascript.

You probably want to go to the [a href=\"http://phpsec.org/\" target=\"_blank\"]PHP Security Consortium[/a] web site. There are very good articles in the Articles and Library areas there.


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