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thoughts on getJumpline.com

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i use the hosting services of Jumpline.com and also participate in their affiliate program where I get a comission for selling their hosting products. For a while I was just posting their ads on my other websites I host but then I got the idea to start actually advertising (with google adwords and whatnot).

So i got the domain name [a href=\"http://www.getJumpline.com\" target=\"_blank\"]www.getJumpline.com[/a] which is basically just an ad to get people to click on the banner ad that takes them to jumpline.com so they can order hosting services and make me money.

My goal is that one out of every few thousand hits will actually result in a sale, but first I need to make the single page ad atractive enough to get people to continue on to the site and buy the product.

I know that I could just auto forward them to the site, but honestly, I don't feel that jumpline does a good enough job of promoting their services on their homepage so I want to really convince people that they are making a good decision before they even click the link.

So, can you check out [a href=\"http://www.getjumpline.com\" target=\"_blank\"]getJumpline.com[/a] and tell me what I should do to make it better?


(mods, I really am just looking for feedback, this is not a lame attempt to promote my website that is admitadly just an advertisement.)

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When you ask about 'better', I assume you're asking what can I do to get more responses from the page rather than how can I make it more visually appealing? And it's going to be something that only geeks get to (assuming average joe surfer isn't going to follow anything that leads to that landing page), so 'better' in terms of the prospective and targetted visitors has to mean why is this 'better' from the technical perspective.

My first few questions when I originally looked for multi-domain hosting were all about how many million databases could I have (for example). What's more important to the purchaser of the type of service you're offering (albeit one link removed) is - how many million other users are there on each server; how much bandwidth do I get; can I assign bandwidth and disk space variably among my domains; what's the Web Host Manager software; what's the control panel software (not Plesk, I hope!), what 'stuff' is pre-installed so that I can activate it easily through a domain control panel, etc.

Hopefully true that I can find all that out by clicking through your site, and maybe that's the real idea so you only need 'teasers' about the technical stuff. Nonetheless, yours is a technical product, so you have to give me technical information ... a balance between enticement to click on or making my eyes glaze over as I click away to somewhere else.

edit: of course if all that information is already on your page, then that answers the question about what could you do to make it better because I didn't notice any of those answers :)

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You've a lot of work to do with getjumpline.com micah.

With the increase in Virtual Machine technology (xen and the now free VMWare server) you should provide a ton more information IMO.
I know that your website (getjumpline) is only an "enticer" however I would like to see way more.
Other sites selling Virtual Machines - advertise points like "Own you own Linux Install" and "own an ip address" and install anything you like.

Humm - ive done a bit of reading on the jumpline main website and it sort of provides a gui based virtual machine. Im not quite sure what service they are offering.
As Andy said - you need to mention or give an image of the GUI manager etc.

As for your website - getjumpline - you need to make the top banner a little better and make the text more "punchier" and to the point. Like from reading your page even - I dont know what the service is, or the boundaries of what it provides (it could just be me tho ;-) ).


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Thanks for the well thought out comments guys.

I will work over the next few days, when I have some down time, to make improvements to the page. Hopefully I can give more details in way thats clear and can be taken in quickly by the user.

in response to one question, jumpline doesn't use plesk. but they do have a GUI - their system is based on software from [a href=\"http://www.sphera.com/prod-serv-server_virtualization.php\" target=\"_blank\"]sphera.com[/a].

Its technically shared hosting, but you get a static IP address and your directory is isolated from the others on the server - giving you chroot access to run your site as if it were a dedicated server. All the access that most sites need at a much more affordable price.

Thanks again guys. I'll bump this topic up when I get a chance to make improvements!

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