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dynamically creating a image that links to 2 other URLs

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hi, i need to dymaically create a thumbnail button that when the user clicks on it, it does 2 things

1. links to another page called (page1.php)
2. popup another page in new browser called (page2.php) but set this popup in the background

but the problem is <a href only allows 1 page to be linked
how do i do the above?

please help

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this is more of a javascript question i would think. i'm looking in to it now.

this doesn't use any PHP so you will have to work your php into it. i just want to get you the basic idea of how this could be done.

here you go


function popup( link , pop )
  window.open( pop ,null,
    document.location = link;


<img src="someimage" onclick="popup('http://www.phpfreaks.com','http://www.google.com')">

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